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  • The Satin moth and what you can do about it

    Many of the residents of Willow Park and Maple Ridge will have noticed a large number of distinctly white moths in the last month or so. These are called Satin Moths and due to a combination of environmental factors this season, their population has ...

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  • December 2012 newsletter

    Snow, shopping malls, toques and toboggans are some of things that December brings. It's a happy time of year. It can be a very busy time of year, unless maybe you've been smart enough to get your shopping done early. For me, December brings the tai...

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  • Cut Red Tape

    In 2010, Council created a Cut Red Tape program to reduce red tape at City Hall. The program asked Calgarians to share their experiences working with The City of Calgary and suggest ideas for how things could be improved. As Chairman of the Cut Red T...

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  • November 2012 newsletter

    It's November, and now I can truly confirm that my Ward 14 Communities BBQ was a huge success. Sept. 22 was a gorgeous, sunny fall day. Those of us who were on our feet, moving around, can certainly attest to how warm it was. In fact, it was the firs...

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  • Lake Fraser Gate

    Sitting in a car, trying to get to or from work, brakes locked up, and going nowhere. It's a situation that most Calgarians are very familiar with, especially those living in suburban Ward 14. Having been Alderman for over two years now, it has becom...

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  • October 2012 newsletter

    October is upon us. Those of you who read my monthly column on a regular basis will recall mention of my Ward 14 Communities BBQ. As you read this edition, the Ward 14 Communities BBQ has also come and gone. I must submit my column weeks in advance, ...

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  • September 2012 newsletter

    Hello again and happy autumn to all! September brings about an event I have been talking about for several months now. Community Associations are very dear to my heart. Among other things, they provide a sense of community for many people, support p...

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  • August 2012 newsletter

    It's August! Soon we'll be sending the kids back to school, and I'm hoping that in the upcoming school year the Grade 6 students of Ward 14 will help me carry on what I want to become a tradition. On June 25, I presented Claire Mikuska of Willow Park...

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  • July 2012 newsletter

    Howdy! There are some things that don't change - come what may. It's July and we all know what happens in Calgary in July. This year's Calgary Stampede is extra special - it seems like we've been through it a hundred times. There have been events goi...

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  • Notice of motion: 3-1-1 response to citizen service requests

    First brought to Council: June 25, 2012 Outcome: Carried as revised. The 3-1-1 information system was developed in 2005 to be The City of Calgary's primary non-emergency phone contact for its citizens. It reinforces Transparency, Accountability and ...

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