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  • Planned Pathway Connections for Communities in Southwest Ward 6

    The City of Calgary has been working with the Province of Alberta, Alberta Infrastructure to ensure that the Southwest Calgary Ring Road (SWCRR) will include meaningful pathway connections from Glenmore Reservoir through the west to the community ...

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  • Help Cleanup Griffith Woods Natural Area

    Volunteers are needed to help pick up natural area woody debris in Griffith Woods on Friday, October 21. Volunteers can drop-in between 1 – 4 p.m. Registration is located at the main parking lot along Discovery Ridge Blvd S.W.  Representati...

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  • Seeking volunteers for beaver management event in Griffith Woods!

    Tree wiring event - Griffith Woods in Discovery Ridge • Volunteers will help us protect trees in Griffith Woods before the beavers get busy preparing for winter. Join us for a volunteer wiring event on September 24 from 9 a.m. - noon.   • REGI...

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  • Parks Urban Forest Strategic Plan for Ward 6

    Calgary Parks Urban Forestry protects the City’s urban canopy and directs the growth of the urban forest. One of our guiding principles in our strategic plan is to diversify tree species and tree ages within the urban forest; succession planting with...

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  • Dandelion Control 2016

    Dandelion Control 2016 Spring has returned, and so have the dandelions. While managing dandelions in an environmentally responsible manner is an ongoing challenge, The City is piloting some new “green” control techniques this year. These include exp...

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  • Paskapoo Slopes Park, Trail Access Map & Construction Update

    Paskapoo Slopes   As part of the recent development agreement on Paskapoo Slopes, The City has acquired a significant tract of land that will become a new regional park. This is an exciting opportunity to formally recognize the area’s cultural a...

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  • Clearwater Park Redevelopment

    I am grateful to the Harvie family and Devonian Foundation who donated the Clearwater Park site to the City in 1979 in order to promote the preservation of unique habitats and recreation opportunities along the Elbow River near the western edge of Th...

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  • Natural Areas

    Calgarians can help keep natural areas natural   There are many different types of parks in Calgary.  Personally I like them all, with a preference for the natural areas! They are broadly divided into two categories; manicured parks and natural are...

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  • Responsible Pet Ownership in Parks: 2016 Events

    Responsible Pet Ownership in Parks   With spring in the air, dog owners are enjoying spending time with their family, friends and pets outdoors. Knowing and adhering to the regulations in the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw 23M2006 will help ensur...

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  • Storm Drains in Ward 6

    The importance of keeping storm drains draining   In 2015, there were more than 1600 service requests related to storm drains and drainage concerns – 153 of those were related to concerns in Ward 6. In 2014, a whopping 5036 service requests were re...

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