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  • How to Improve Dental Health in Alberta

    I care deeply about dental health, especially for children and low income families. Dental health is worsening across Alberta, affecting both mental and body health. I also recognise that the debate on fluoride is highly polarised and that, by focuss...

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  • October Newsletter - Ward 7 Transportation Tour

    As a large urban centre in a prosperous country, Calgary continues to mature and develop.  To keep up with the pace of this perpetual growth, it is important for the City of Calgary to make investments in transportation infrastructure like streets an...

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  • Fall Green Line Workshops

    Public engagement for the Green Line continues this Fall in the build up to a decision about route alignment and station placement.  The Green Line is a city-shaping project that will have significant, long-term impacts on the communities and neighbo...

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  • Stoop so low - scoop your dog's poop

    With 150 public off-leash areas and over 100,000 dogs in our city, it’s clear Calgarians love their canine companions. What isn’t to love is the stinky situation left behind when owners don’t pick up after their pets. Cleaning up your dog’s waste he...

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  • September Newsletter - The Importance of Affordable Housing

    With rising household costs, a growing number of families are struggling to afford shelter and other basic needs such as food, medication, and childcare. Household incomes in Calgary have not kept up to housing prices. Over the past decade, prices ha...

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  • Planning Chinatown

    Chinatown is one of Calgary’s most culturally significant and important communities. Its history is nearly as old as Calgary’s.  The current location, flanking Centre Street along the south bank of the Bow River and up into the core, was selected in ...

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  • August Newsletter - Towards a Biodiverse City

    The dog days of summer are the perfect time to think about critters. While Calgary is home to 1.2 million humans, we rarely think about the countless other species of flora and fauna that far outnumber us.  “Biodiversity” is the term we use to desc...

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  • Calgary Housing Company buys East Village Place

    The Calgary Housing Company has acquired East Village place, a 163-unit residential building located in East Village.  This will come as a great relief for the residents of the tower who were living with uncertainty since the tower went into receiver...

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  • Affordable Housing in Calgary

    The adequate availability of affordable housing is vital for any municipality to thrive in the 21st century.  While many Calgarians have worked hard to be able to afford housing at market rates, due to any number of reasons, many Calgarians are not. ...

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  • Capitol Hill - This is my neighbourhood

    One of Ward 7's most fabulous neighbourhoods will be getting even better. Through a city-offered program, This is my Neighbourhood, community representatives and residents from Capitol Hill worked together to identify several low-scale, high-impact ...

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