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The Citizen Dashboard is an online tool to help you learn more about The City’s performance and how City programs and services contribute to Calgary’s quality of life. The Citizen Dashboard is a Transforming Government initiative that was developed to help drive continuous improvement at The City and support The City’s efforts to be open, accountable and transparent about City services.

The Citizen Dashboard uses data and interactive graphs, charts and maps to display performance measures in a way that makes it easy to understand. A description is provided for each performance measure explaining why each measure is important, what the numbers mean and what actions The City is taking to improve performance.

Additional services, performance measures and quality of life information will be added to the Citizen Dashboard on a regular basis. As we continue to build the Citizen Dashboard, content and functionality will evolve based on information collected from users and internal stakeholders. We encourage you to engage in the Citizen Dashboard conversation and provide your feedback by emailing

Citizen Dashboard Definitions:

Performance measure: measure of how well a program, service or department is working.

Quality of life result*: a population condition of well-being for children, adults, families and communities.

Indicator: a measure that helps to quantify the achievement of a quality of life result.

*As The City works to define Quality of Life Result Areas, Council Priorities will be used to frame quality of life in Calgary.