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In a city of inspiring neighbourhoods every Calgarian lives in a safe, mixed and just neighbourhood, and has the opportunity to participate in civic life. In 2015, 86 per cent of Calgarians agreed that they are proud to live in their neighbourhood according to the 2015 Citizen Satisfaction Survey.

The City is one of many organizations that can influence the quality of life in our community. To help Calgary become a city of inspiring neighbourhoods, The City focuses on public safety and fostering great neighbourhoods. The City will use indicators to help us understand whether or not we are moving in the right direction towards achieving each quality of life result (as The City works to define indicators and quality of life result areas, Council Priorities will be used to frame quality of life in Calgary).

There are many City of Calgary programs and services that contribute to Calgary as a city of inspiring neighbourhoods. Find information about some of these, including performance measures, below.

Services Contributing To a city of inspiring neighbourhoods

information related to what makes Calgary a city of inspiring neighbourhoods