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Calgary is a smart city

Smart city

Smart city

Calgary is a smart city. We use technology and data to improve community life.


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Smart City - University of Calgary

U of C teleports particle of light.

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Smart city - Innovate Calgary

We’re smarter with ideas. Get involved!

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Calgary is connected and creative.

We use technology and data to improve every aspect of community life – how we move around, how we live and play, how we earn a living and how we interact with the natural environment.

A smart city that works for you

All Calgarians benefit from a smart city. Through innovative solutions, a smart city delivers real value to citizens and businesses.

  • Enhance quality of City services
  • Reduce costs and resource consumption
  • Engage more effectively with citizens
  • Improve quality of life
  • Respond to real-time challenges
  • Increase competitiveness

Calgary is ready for tomorrow

Population growth, citizen expectations for 24/7 access to information and a changing economic landscape are all reasons why The City of Calgary prepares for the future with smart investments and strategies.

We can ensure that our citizens, businesses and visitors are connected through next generation intelligent and digital services.

A smart city is built by all of us – government, educational institutions, industry and you.

We are proud of what’s been done and inspired by what’s to come

We are leveraging technology and data in six key areas throughout the city – mobility, living, people, the economy, governance and the environment. Learn more about how we are working to improve every aspect of community life.



Smart cities


<div class="ExternalClass138104777E894DBD8162A8B86C0D7BF1"><p>The best place to grow a business. Smart investments build a resilient and diverse economy.</p> <p><a href="/CA/city-manager/Pages/About-Us/OurStrategy-Economic-Resilience.aspx">Economic Resilience Strategy</a></p> <p><a href="/darkfibre">Dark fibre access</a></p> <p><a href="/CS/IIS/Pages/City-online/City-Online.aspx" target="_blank">CITYonline</a></p></div>, Economy



Smart economy

Smart economy

The best place to grow a business. Smart investments build a resilient and diverse economy.

Economic Resilience Strategy

Dark fibre access


Smart living

Smart living

Vibrant communities provide a high quality of living and opportunities for citizens to actively participate.

Age-friendly Calgary

Events Calendar

Public art web map

Smart people

Smart people

An inclusive society with access to 21st century communication technology.

Public Wi-Fi at LRT stations and City facilities

Urban Alliance

Smart mobility

Smart mobility

Safe transport of people and goods through convenient, affordable, accessible and efficient transportation choices.

Downtown Cycle Track

Calgary Transit App

Pedestrian Strategy

Road Conditions Map

LRT payment by cash/debit/credit

Pathway/Bikeway Online Mapping

Traffic Management Centre

Smart governance

Smart governance

​Open, responsive, accountable and transparent government to make sure Calgarians have the services and tools they need.

Civic Innovation YYC

Citizen Dashboard

Council Meetings Online

Digital Strategy

Map Gallery

myProperty Online Mapping

Online Census

Open Data Catalogue

Procurement Policy

Survey Plan Verification (CASPAR)

Smart environment

Smart environment