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Smart Cities Challenge

Make our GREAT city even BETTER.

Make our GREAT city even BETTER.

Help form Calgary's submission for the Smart Cities Challenge.


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Share your thoughts


Share your thoughts
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Smart city - Calgary is smart

Learn about smart city projects.

Calgary is a smart city


Help form Calgary’s submission for the Smart Cities Challenge!

The City of Calgary is creating a community submission to Infrastructure Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge.
From now until April 2, 2018, we are asking citizens, academia, innovators, businesses and community members to help us create Calgary’s submission by identifying an important local issue in our community around two focus areas, economic opportunity and empowerment and inclusion.
Tell us what could make our great city even better. Share your thoughts now through our Civic Innovation YYC online platform.

How can I help?

There are many chances for you to get involved in determining our community’s challenge statement and coming up with smart ideas to solve the challenge.
Step 1: Submit challenge statement Febuary 20 to March 5. 
You know what needs to be done and have the innovative spirit to help identify and address issues facing our community. Let’s work together to make our community stronger and create opportunities for all Calgarians.
Calgary’s submission will focus on economic opportunity and empowerment and inclusion. Through extensive engagement and citizen feedback, these two areas have arisen as priority challenges within our community that will benefit from focused energy and support through smart solutions.
As Calgary is one of The Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 resilient cities, The City conducted extensive engagement with citizens, revealing the following opportunities for improvement:
  • Foster economic prosperity
  • Support livelihoods and employment
  • Meet citizens’ basic needs
These findings directly relate to economic opportunity and empowerment and inclusion. We know it is important to build a robust and resilient economy where all Calgarians can take part and feel included, and the Smart Cities Challenge is a great opportunity for the community to come together and address these issues together.

About the Smart Cities Challenge


The Government of Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge is a competition asking municipalities across Canada to submit bold ideas to tackle an issue facing residents in their community using innovation, data and connected technology.

The Smart Cities Challenge invites submissions to align with one to two of the following focus areas: economic opportunity, empowerment and inclusion, environmental quality, healthy living and recreation, mobility and safety and security.

The winning municipality will receive $50 million to solve an important local issue.