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Calgary is a smart city





Calgary is ready for Canada's Smart Cities Challenge!, /General/Pages/SmartCity/Smart-City.aspx

Find out how



Calgary is a smart city

Calgary is ready for Canada's Smart Cities Challenge!

Find out how

The future is here and Calgary is ready. Check out our complete submission to find out more.
Calgary will revolutionize to become Canada’s most inclusive and resilient community by connecting all Calgarians, enabling access to the services, supports and information they need to be engaged and lead fulfilling lives AND increasing economic diversification to create more job opportunities.

Let’s invent our future together, Calgary

What is a Smart City and how do we ensure that Calgary is ready for the challenges of tomorrow?

Find out how Calgary is evolving with our citizens’ needs in order to remain resilient. With a shifting economic environment, an ever-changing technological landscape, and new social opportunities, smart cities approaches are more important than ever.

Smart City approach

A smart city approach leverages innovation, data and connected technology to improve quality of life.

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Calgary is already a smart city

We apply smart technology to help make life better every day for citizens and businesses.

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Calgarians are engaged

The public shared insights and bold ideas for the challenge.

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