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Mitigating flood impact in 2014



    Mitigating flood impacts in 2014

    Based on learnings from the 2013 flood, The City took a number of steps to prepare for this year’s runoff or high river flow season:

    • Purchased additional mitigation supplies that can be quickly deployed to protect key infrastructure
    • Enhanced training of operations staff
    • Updated response plans for future flooding events
    • Constructed additional temporary barriers when response times allow
    • Proposed changes to provincial and municipal policies and bylaws that ensure mitigation measures are in place for properties within flood hazard areas.

    (See the Flood Preparation 2014 brochure for more information.)

    The City looks at both short-term needs and long-term goals when evaluating disaster response, mitigation and preparedness. We have a number of longer term projects and plans, including:

    • Designs for additional permanent berms are in progress.
    • Identified locations for new outfall gates to prevent river water backup through the storm drainage system.
    • Reviewing and implementing any Council-approved recommendations from the Expert Management Panel on River Flood Mitigation.  

    The City of Calgary works collaboratively with Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (AESRD) on all flood mitigation projects along the rivers, such as berms. While The City chooses which projects are in the community’s best interest, and ensures those projects are engineered in a fashion that is protective of up and downstream residents, AESRD has the regulatory mandate to ensure that no project obtains their approval until existing or potential effects on the aquatic environment, hydraulic effects and effects on other users are considered. Thus AESRD ensures that no proposed project is encroaching on the floodway (unless unavoidable and protecting critical infrastructure like bridges) and AESRD confirms proposed projects will not cause upstream or downstream impacts. If concerns are identified, they are addressed by applicants.

    View our interactive map and select the category "Flood Recovery" to see details about each of the flood recovery projects we're undertaking.

    The City has also undertaken a number of projects to help Calgary recover from last year's disaster. See our Flood Recovery website for information on what we're doing to help Calgary bounce back.