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Advance Consultation Period

The 2017 Advance Consultation Period (ACP) ran from Oct. 3 to Nov. 3, 2016.

The purpose of the ACP was to allow non-residential property and business owners the opportunity to request their preliminary 2017 assessment value(s) before the 2017 assessment rolls are finalized and the notices are mailed on Jan. 5, 2017.

If, after reviewing the preliminary assessed value(s), non-residential property or business owners, and/or their authorized agents, have any questions, want to discuss the value(s) further and/or want to exchange information with Assessment, they can schedule an appointment with an assessor to occur during the ACP.

Requests for preliminary assessed value(s) must be done by logging into Assessment Search. You need a City myID account, roll number/business identifier and access code (located on the ACP invitation letter and/or a previous year's assessment notice) to use the Assessment Search. Property/business owners who do not have an access code should call 403-268-2888.

Note: requests for preliminary assessments can only be made during the Advance Consultation Period (ACP).

Authorizing an agent

Property/business owners who choose to have an assessment/tax agent or corporate representative act on their behalf for the current or upcoming roll year, including the ACP, must enroll and authorize them through the Assessment Search online process.

Benefits of the ACP

The ACP offers non-residential property and business owners the opportunity to engage in risk-free dialogue about their preliminary assessed value(s) and to provide information prior to the finalization of the 2017 assessment rolls. They can discuss market trends and specific property and/or business details. The information can also help these customers better manage their assessment and tax planning activities.    

Is the preliminary value comparable to the value that will be on the 2017 Assessment Notice?

During the ACP, the 2017 assessment rolls are still being developed. The preliminary value (or value range) provided during the ACP is expected to be close to the final 2017 assessment value. However, new information received during and/or after the ACP could alter the preliminary value provided. Property and business owners (and/or their authorized representatives) will also have the 60-day Customer Review Period, from Jan. 5 to March 6, 2017 to further discuss their 2017 assessment value.  

Can residential property owners participate in the ACP?

The purpose of the ACP is to help non-residential property and business owners understand their assessment value. These properties/businesses tend to be assessed on the basis of approaches to value rather than the more traditionally understood sales approach to value, and often more time is needed to exchange information and understand the process.