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Manufactured home assessments

Assessing Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes are assessed based on their market value. The attributes of the structure are identified and categorized using the manufactured home sections from the most recent residential cost manual provided by Alberta Municipal Affairs. The values determined from this manual are adjusted to take into account sales of similar manufactured homes.

Key factors, components and variables used to assess manufactured homes

  • Building type
    • SW - single wide manufactured home
    • DW - double wide manufactured home
  • All manufactured homes are assumed to have no developed basement area.
  • Building Size: actual square footage for each manufactured home is used. Residential additions will also be included in the overall total.
  • Actual year of construction (AYOC): The AYOC is taken into consideration when determining the quality of the structure. Renovations and/or additions to the structure could warrant a change in the structure's overall quality rating.
  • Quality of structure.
  • Quality classifications: fair, average, and good.
  • Size of garage - actual square footage of building is used.
  • Market analysis areas: the physical location of the improvement within the city is taken into consideration.
  • The size of an assessed person's pad site is not taken into consideration when determining value. 
  • There are 11 manufactured home parks in Calgary: 
    • Blackfoot mobile home park
    • Caravan mobile home park
    • Chateau mobile home park
    • Greenwood Village mobile home park
    • Midfield mobile home park
    • Mountview mobile home park
    • Oasis manufactured home park
    • Parkridge Estates
    • Penbrooke Heritage Estates
    • South Hill mobile home park
    • Watergrove mobile home park


Manufactured Home Park

A Manufactured Home Park (MHP) is a type of land lease community that allows property owners to rent a space/lot on which to place a home. They may include dwellings built without wheels or trailers built with wheels on sites.

MHPs range in size (square footage) with the average being roughly 1,268,000 square feet or 29 acres.

Assessing Manufactured Home Parks

MHPs are valued using the income approach.

Key factors, components and variables used to assess MHPs

  • income and expense data
  • location - any influence that contributes positive/negative values are accounted for (e.g. topography, traffic)
  • number of pads
  • size
  • excess land - all applicable excess land associated with the MHP is assessed according to the land rate as per the appropriate land use designation