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Floodway / Flood fringe maps

Please view The Government of Alberta’s Flood Hazard Map. If you live in a floodway or flood fringe area, view Flood Preparation 2014 to see what you can do to prepare for potential flooding.

View The City’s Floodplain map and search by property.


provincial flood map
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City Floodway / Flood fringe maps (excluding Downtown & Beltline area)

The Floodway / Flood fringe maps show the Floodway and Flood fringe areas of the Bow and Elbow Rivers and the Nose and West Nose Creeks. These maps apply to most of the city with the exception of Downtown and Beltline. 

View the Downtown and Beltline maps
Floodway /Floodplain maps for Downtown and Beltline
To access the appropriate City Floodway/Flood fringe maps in PDF format, simply click on a section on the map below.


 This map forms part of Land Use Bylaw 1P2007.