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Calgary Heritage Authority

The CHA, established in 2000, is a merger of the previously existing Heritage Advisory Board and the Calgary Municipal Heritage Properties Authority. The CHA is governed by the Province of Alberta CHA Act.

The CHA comprises 12 members of the public who are appointed by Council – four of whom are appointed each year for a three year term. The chairman is chosen annually by the Board members, while heritage planning staff serves as a non-voting professional resource.

The CHA seeks board members with experience, education and interest in heritage conservation, architecture, urban planning, local history/heritage, communications, public and stakeholder engagement, fund development, non-profit governance.

The functions of the CHA include:

  • Advising Council on all matters relating to heritage resources in Calgary. 
  • Evaluating potential heritage sites and maintaining the Inventory of Evaluated Historic Resources.
  • Promoting public awareness of Calgary’s heritage.

The CHA operates with two committees, the Evaluation and Review Committee and the Public Awareness Committee.

The Evaluation and Review Committee evaluates potential heritage sites for the Inventory of Evaluated Historic Resources and maintains the Inventory.

The Public Awareness Committee undertakes and participates in a wide variety of initiatives. Specific, on-going initiatives include hosting the biennial Lion Awards and Heritage Plaque programs.
The CHA meets monthly (except August) with meetings open to the public. Meetings are typically held the second Friday of each month (except August, and may be moved in July due to Stampede) from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. in the Legal Traditions Boardroom (Old City Hall, 4th floor). 

Heritage Matters

The CHA hosts the Heritage Matters lecture series in collaboration with the Calgary Public Library. Events will be listed in the CPL’s program guide and on their website.

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    Community heritage plaques

    At least three enamel plaques are awarded biennially to sites of historic significance. Sites that are awarded plaques are proposed by the CHA, heritage planning staff and the public.