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33 Ave SW


Main Streets


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Active projects, Active Main Streets projects


Active projects

​Active Main Streets projects

Active projects

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Engagement Opportunities

The City’s Main Streets initiative is launching two projects for the 33 Avenue S.W. main street area:

  • Planning – a new land use framework of City-initiated land use redesignations (rezoning) and amendments to the local area plans.
  • Investment – Streetscape master plan for 33 and 34 Avenues SW including enhancements for mobility, public realm and related infrastructure upgrades.

This is a collaborative process. We want to work with the community to discover what makes the Marda Loop area unique and what opportunities exist for improvement. Please come out and learn more about these projects and future opportunities to provide input.

Our Planning project will begin public engagement in the 33/34 Avenues SW main street area in April 2018.​


The 33 Avenue SW main street runs from Crowchild Trail to 14 Street SW. It is located on the edge of the communities of Richmond and South Calgary, while the community of Altadore borders it to the south.

33 Avenue SW started as an early transportation route connecting the inner-city neighbourhood of South Calgary to the downtown core. Its growth as a main street started when settlement in South Calgary occurred with the Edwardian boom period of development in Calgary, resulting in the construction of houses, commercial buildings, and institutional buildings in this style. In 1911, the Calgary Municipal Railway streetcar line was established, which ran in a loop from 34 Avenue to 26 Avenue SW. Commercial development aligned with this route forming a central commercial district, now known as Marda Loop.

Today, the area contains a mix of modern, multi-use commercial and residential buildings, mid-century, modern-style commercial buildings, residential to commercial conversions, and historic residential architecture.

Current Status

Active Projects

33 Avenue SW Planning – New Land Use Framework

The Main Streets initiative is going to make policy and land use improvements to the 33/34 Avenue SW main streets area, to encourage a vibrant public realm, greater variety of retail and small business, and to increase local services and housing choices. Our team will analyze local input, economic information and infrastructure investments, to make proposed land use redesignations and amendments to the local area plans (Marda Loop, Richmond, and South Calgary/Altadore).

Citizen input will inform decisions about growth and change in the 33/34 Avenues SW main street area. We want citizens to consider and discuss:

  • Residential and commercial development types transitioning from main streets to surrounding streets
  • How much of the length of 33/34 Avenues SW should be considered for improvements
  • Where retail development is most appropriate and desired along the Main Street

Our project team was in your community on February 26 to introduce this project. If you were unable to attend or would like to review the project launch information again, please take a look at our information session poster boards. We will begin public engagement in the 33/34 Avenues SW main street area in April 2018.

33 Avenue SW Streetscape Master Plan

The City is developing a Streetscape Master Plan for 33 and 34 Avenues SW, as part of the Main Streets initiative’s investment phase. A streetscape includes all visual and functional elements of a street that collectively form its character. Some areas we are exploring include:

  • Sidewalk features (eg. street trees, patios, street furniture)
  • Crosswalks and street corner configurations
  • Laneway and park connectivity
  • Street lighting
  • Pedestrian safety features

We are producing a detailed plan that provides a blueprint to rebuild 33 and 34 Avenues SW in a way that meets the needs of current and future residents, visitors and business owners.

Find Out More

For more updates about the 33 Avenue SW Main Street project, please subscribe to our Main Streets e-mail update.

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