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Welcome to nextCITY, where you can find out about future planning initiatives for Calgary. Calgary is on the crux of change as we continue to become a big city. With nextCITY we are aiming high through an expanded and elevated public dialogue; and we are growing smart through the delivery of tangible and valuable processes, products and services. We are aligning tactics with values to achieve positive change.

Aiming high. We are working on our business, making process enhancements, to improve the way in which we do our business.
Growing smart. Process enhancements help us to improve the way in which we deliver our business to citizens and customers. This means delivering the best processes, products and services, while making the very most of our resources.
nextCITY is about the long-term smart growth and health of Calgary. nextCITY is your city and the city for future generations to come. The outcomes of our process enhancements and product improvements will help take Calgary to the next level, it’s next evolution... the nextCITY.
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