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Flood recovery - Rebuilding or restoring your home


flood permit grant program



​​If you’ve completed or are considering any type of rebuilding, or construction at your property, ensure you know what permits are required, and have The City inspect the work for safety.




We’re here to help answer any additional questions you might have, please contact 311 or visit Flood impacted homeowner’s.


Restoring your home

Structurally damaged homes​​​

​​Flood Assessment Inspection following the flood were completed by The City. If your home was determined to have structural damage, you should hire a structural engineer to further assess the damages and to help determine your next steps.

If your structural engineer feels the damages can be repaired, a Building Permit will be required along with a structural engineer’s review.

Making home or basement floor plan changes

If your home has no structural damage, but you’d like to now change the existing floor plan of your home or basement a Building Permit will be required.

Recovering your basement

If your basement was finished prior to the flood, and you have an existing building permit in place for its development, a new building permit is not required (provided you are not changing the floor plan following the flood).

If you’re not sure if you have a building permit to develop your basement, contact 311.

If you are considering changing the floor plan of your basement, or developing a previously undeveloped basement, a Building Permit is required.

Visit Basement development - home building and renovations to learn more.

Rebuilding your home

We recommend you work with your licenced general contractor to discuss the process involved in demolishing an existing home, and planning for the construction of a new home.

  • Visit Building a new house to learn more about development, building and trade permits requirements.
  • When you have your plans in place, schedule a pre-application meeting with The City before submitting your plans to The City for approval.