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Episode Three - It Came From North Hill Mall (1947 - 1960)


It Came From North Hill Mall (1947-1960)


Video Discussion Topics:
  • Compared to earlier years, life in Calgary is prosperous during this era.  Why? 
  • What impact did the discovery of oil at Leduc have on Calgary?  How does this compare to when the CPR arrived in Calgary?
  • What is a "normal school"?  Why was this so important to Calgary?
  • Compare the design of neighbourhoods during this time to those of earlier housing developments.  What do you notice? How has your community been designed?
  • Between 1947 and 1955 there were 60,000 homes built in Calgary.  What does that tell you?
  • How did the construction of the North Hill Mall change our views about shopping?
  • How have cars changed the way we do things?

Suggested Activities:

Activity 1 - Looking Deeply 

Activity 4 - Discover your Community

Debate and Deliberate:

Are old buildings worth saving? What is the current status of the Barron Building?

Compare our shopping habits to those of people in another country. What are the differences?  Why do you think this is?

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