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Episode One - Welcome to the Boomtown, Buster (1911 - 1929)



Welcome to the Boomtown, Buster (1911-1929)


Video Discussion Topics

  • Why were the Bow and Elbow Rivers so important to the development of Calgary?
  • How did the arrival of the CPR contribute to Calgary's development?
  • How does this compare to the impact of the oil industry on Calgary today? What other events/industries have contributed to Calgary’s development?
  • What was the role of the Calgary Town Planning Commission in 1911?  What are the similarities and differences to today? How did they do?  Why would a Planning Commission be important?
  • Alexander Calhoun was one of the original members of the town planning commission - what else is he famous for?
  • Review the Thomas Mawson plan. How would Calgary have been different had this plan gone ahead?
  • Why was housing such an important issue at this time?  What is different about housing today?
  • What evidence do you see of forward thinking during the 1911 - 1929 periods?

Suggested Activities

Activity 1 - Looking Deeply

Activity 2 - Building a Community 

Activity 3 - Utterly Utopian

Debate and Deliberate

Should cost override design?  (Issues examples: LRT, Airport Tunnel or Peace Bridge)