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Episode Four - Towers of Industry (1961 - 1980)


Towers of Industry (1961-1980)


Video Discussion Topics:
  • How did cars impact Calgary's development and culture? 
  • Look closely at the Annexation Map
  • When did your community become part of Calgary?
  • What changes occurred during this time to the Planning Advisory Committee?
  • As a city grows, does it continue to be "one place" or many? (i.e.: Downtown vs. Suburbs, Where we work vs. where we live) Where do you prefer to live?
  • Why was this period an important time in Calgary's cultural history?
  • Does public art matter?  Investigate Calgary's Public Art Policy.  
  • What other initiatives has the City undertaken over the years to celebrate the arts?
  • Should people be encouraged to come downtown?  Why or why not?
  • What contributed to the loss of Calgary's historic buildings?  What is different today?
  • What makes Calgary so vulnerable to recession?  Is this different in other cities?


Suggested Activities

Activity 1 - Looking Deeply


Debate and Deliberate

Investigate Calgary's Annexation policy

Should Calgary continue to annex land from surrounding areas?  What are the alternatives?

Field Trip Ideas

Take students downtown to view the city from the Calgary Tower

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