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Episode Five - It's All Fun and Games (1981 - 1996)


It's All Fun and Games (1981-1996)


Video Discussion Topics:
  • Why was hosting the Olympics so important to Calgary's development?
  • The Saddledome is known as an icon in our city.  What other Calgary buildings might be considered iconic?  Why?
  • What other structural and cultural legacies resulted from the 1988 Olympics?
  • Do public spaces such as Olympic Plaza, have value?  Why or why not?
  • What is 'urban sprawl'?  What impact does it have on the provision of services and roads?  What might be some alternative ways to 'grow our city'?
  • What were the planning issues that arose from hosting the Olympics?   (i.e.: transportation, accommodation, facility location and costs)


Suggested Activities

Activity 4 - Discover your Community


Debate and Deliberate

Research what a city must do to win a bid for hosting the Olympics

What are the pros and cons of hosting the Olympics?

Write about Olympic stories?  Survey friends or family about personal Olympic stories.

Design/plan a "winter" city

Field Trip Ideas

Canada Olympic Park, University of Calgary Skating Oval, Canmore Nordic Centre, WinSport at COP

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