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Episode Six - The Future Is Yours (1997 - 2011)


The Future Is Yours (1997-2011)


Video Discussion Topics
  • Why is it important for a city's downtown to be vital? Should we replace or preserve old buildings?
  • In what ways can we participate in the revitalization of existing communities?
  • What purpose does a ring road serve?
  • What are "self-contained" communities?  What could they look like?  What are the benefits/drawbacks?
  • How can we sustain our environment and the maintain vitality of our city?
  • How would reducing our dependence on cars impact the way we design and live in our city?
  • What is a LEED building?  Give some examples of LEED buildings in Calgary. 
  • What is your vision for our city?  What initiatives would you include in your plan?  How will you share it?


Suggested Activities

Activity 3 - Utterly Utopian

Activity 4 - Discover Your Community 

Activity 5 - It Didn't Just Happen!


Debate and Deliberate

Should we build 'up' or should we build 'out'?  Public transit or new roads?  What does that mean for Calgary?

Research Project: What is worth saving?  Heritage buildings or new?

Field Trip Ideas

City Hall School

Field trips to Ralph Klein Legacy Park, City of Calgary Water C​entre, Cardel Place or ‘The Bow’ office tower