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Episode Six - The Future Is Yours (1997 - 2011)


The Future Is Yours (1997-2011)


Video Discussion Topics
  • Why is it important for a city's downtown to be vital? Should we replace or preserve old buildings?
  • In what ways can we participate in the revitalization of existing communities?
  • What purpose does a ring road serve?
  • What are "self-contained" communities?  What could they look like?  What are the benefits/drawbacks?
  • How can we sustain our environment and the maintain vitality of our city?
  • How would reducing our dependence on cars impact the way we design and live in our city?
  • What is a LEED building?  Give some examples of LEED buildings in Calgary. 
  • What is your vision for our city?  What initiatives would you include in your plan?  How will you share it?


Suggested Activities

Activity 3 - Utterly Utopian

Activity 4 - Discover Your Community 

Activity 5 - It Didn't Just Happen!


Debate and Deliberate

Should we build 'up' or should we build 'out'?  Public transit or new roads?  What does that mean for Calgary?

Research Project: What is worth saving?  Heritage buildings or new?

Field Trip Ideas

City Hall School

Field trips to Ralph Klein Legacy Park, City of Calgary Water Centre, Cardel Place or ‘The Bow’ office tower