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New Mixed Use Districts


In January 2016 The City began working with residents, industry and internal departments on two new mixed use districts to add to Calgary's Land Use Bylaw. The work was done in partnership with the Developed Areas Guidebook and the Green Line and Main Streets community planning teams.

On April 10, 2017 Council approved the new Mixed Use Districts. On May 1, 2017 a new Part 14 will be added to the Land Use Bylaw. Part 14 includes the General Rules for Mixed Use Districts, the Mixed Use - General District and the Mixed Use - Active Frontage District.

Mixed Use – General (MU-1) District

  • Is intended to be located along commercial streets where a mix of different uses could be located at the street level including commercial, residential or office type uses.
  • Allows flexibility in terms of which uses are located at the street level
  • Accommodates a mix of uses within a single building or within multiple buildings throughout an area.

Mixed Use – Active Frontage (MU-2) District

  • Is intended to be located along commercial streets where commercial uses are located on the ground floor in order to promote activity at the street level and support retail nodes.
  • Requires that every building have commercial type uses, such as shops and restaurants, at street level.

Both of these districts support street-oriented, mid-rise buildings and focus regulation on the interface of the building with the street.

Building mass and separation rules in the Mixed Use Districts help to maintain access to air and light and to minimize the appearance of height. These include:

  • Separation distances between neighbouring buildings and windows and balconies;
  • Separation distances between towers for buildings taller than six storeys;
  • A building stepback facing the street to define the street wall on buildings taller than six storeys; and
  • An angular plane stepping the building height down to minimize visual mass and shadowing when new buildings back onto lower scale residential districts.

The Mixed Use Districts have parking rates similar to those in similar districts in the Land Use Bylaw, such as the Commercial - Corridor 1 (C-COR1) District, with some additional parking reductions providing options that support transit and cycling.

The mixed use districts are intended to be implemented through local area planning and land use amendment processes along neighbourhood and community scale commercial streets.

For more information on the new Mixed Use Districts please refer to the attached report to Calgary City Council.

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Stephen Pearce
Planner, Planning and Development