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Solar Power in Calgary

With an average of 2,396 hours of sunlight each year, Calgary is an ideal city for solar technology, and increasingly, Calgarians, businesses and The City are evaluating and using alternative energy sources and technologies to operate their homes and buildings.


Current work

In the recently Council-approved Calgary Climate Resilience Strategy and Action Plans, supporting local and distributed renewable energy technology, such as solar, was identify as a key program priority.

These technologies help to reduce greenhouse gas pollution from energy used in buildings and neighbourhoods, and improve local resilience. As part of the consultation for the Climate Action Plans, several renewable energy and green building experts participated in a year-long working group to identify key actions to facilitate the increased deployment of renewable energy in Calgary.

Specifically, an action was identified to “adjust Land Use Bylaw rules to further enable deployment of solar PV systems and advances in solar technology”. This project is the implementation of that action.



Staff will be contacting specialists in the solar power industry that contributed to the Climate Resilience Strategy and Action Plans and furthering the work of this group to ask specific questions related to solar collectors and Land Use Bylaw rules. The climate change working groups contributed throughout 2017/2018 to the Climate Change Plan. They provided advice with the intent of increasing the uptake of renewable energy.

If you would like to contribute to this work, please contact either Kim Hartley or Claire Beckstead. Contact information follows.


  • 2018 July/August: Interviews with solar industry representatives and City of Calgary staff
  • 2018 September: Research, Review of data and interview findings – decisions on potential Land Use Bylaw amendments.
  • 2018 November 5: Tentative Standing Policy Committee on Planning and Urban Development.
  • 2019 January: Tentative Public Hearing


Planning & Development
Kim Hartley, Senior Planner
Legislation & Land Use Bylaw

Claire Beckstead, Sustainability Consultant
Sustainability Strategies
For media inquiries, please call 403-828-2954