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Centre City Guidebook

Background information​​

The City is in the process of creating guidebooks that set out land use frameworks and common policies to guide growth and changed for developed areas in Calgary. The Centre City Guidebook is one of two guidebooks for the areas in Calgary that already have established neighbourhoods. The second is the Developed Areas Guidebook​ that applies to the remainder of developed areas in the City.

View draft documents

You can now view the draft Centre City Guidebook. Please note these are draft policies for review and comment. Additional revisions may be made prior to the final draft being made available fall 2016. 

To view a summary of information on the guidebook, please view these open house boards​ from the July 19, 2016 information session, and a summary of the feedback we received.

What is the Centre City Guid​ebook?

The Centre City Guidebook provides common policy for residential, employment and mixed-use development in the Centre City. Building on the Municipal Development Plan (MDP), the Centre City Guidebook outlines a land use framework that reinforces the urban structure for Calgary’s Centre City.

The vision for the Centre City is a vibrant and livable community with mixed-use neighbourhoods surrounding a thriving Downtown commercial core and with amenities and services to meet the daily needs of residents, workers and visitors. 

Once approved, the Centre City Guidebook and Developed Areas Guidebook will provide implementation policy and form part of Volume 2 of the Municipal Development Plan, where the New Communities Guidebook currently resides.

Why is a Centre City Guidebook being created?

An objective of this project is to update and streamline content across policy documents. By using plain language and a common policy approach, this guidebook will provide clear and consistent policy direction. This allows local area plans to focus on neighbourhood-specific issues and opportunities. Read together with an Area Redevelopment Plan, these two documents provide comprehensive policy direction for each Centre City neighbourhood.

Centre City Guidebook – sets out the land use framework and common policies to minimize repetition and ensure consistency for Centre City neighbourhoods. Policies for land use categories, character areas and overlays are outlined in the guidebook and will be implemented through an area redevelopment plan.

Area Redevelopment Plan – outlines neighbourhood-specific policies for items like high streets and open spaces. A local area planning exercise will describe how land use character areas and overlays are arranged in a neighbourhood to achieve specific goals and objectives outlined in an area redevelopment plan.

The Centre City Guidebook will only apply to Centre City neighbourhoods where an area redevelopment plan says that it does.

How does this affect development in t​he Centre City?

Once approved, development applications will be evaluated against the Municipal Development Plan, the Centre City Guidebook (MDP Vol. 2), the respective area redevelopment plan and applicable land use district. Projects that have already been approved will not be retroactively affected.

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​When will the Centre City Guidebook be completed?

The Centre City Guidebook, along with the East Village Area Redevelopment Plan, is anticipated to go to Calgary Planning Commission in Fall 2016.

* Date to still be finalized, subject to change.

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