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Inglewood Airport Vicinity Protection Area (AVPA) Proposed Exemption


City Council intends to request the Minister of Municipal Affairs remove the residential development prohibition in the AVPA currently impacting those properties in the Inglewood community lying within the Noise Exposure Forecast (NEF) 30 contour area.

At its 2016 March 07 meeting, City Council supported a Notice of Motion​​ to amend the Calgary International Airport Vicinity Protection Area Regulation.  Specifically, Council directed Administration to:

“engage with the public and affected stakeholders including the Calgary Airport Authority, regarding a proposed amend​ment to the Airport Vicinity Protection Area Regulation to exempt specific lands in the community of Inglewood lying within the NEF 30 contour from the regulation prohibiting residential development and redevelopment in that area”

This exemption on residential development may allow existing residential properties to increase their development or redevelopment potentials in accordance with the provisions of the Calgary Land Use Bylaw.

What is the Airport Vicinity Protection Area R​egulation (AVPA)?

The Alberta Government enacted the Airport Vicinity Protection Area Regulation (AVPA) in 1979 to govern land use development close to the Calgary International Airport and to ensure that only compatible land uses are developed that will not impact or fetter operations of the airport, including its runway arrivals and departures zones.

The AVPA establishes allowable uses in certain locations, identified as Noise Exposure Forecast (NEF) areas, due to potential noise impacts from aircraft flying over the community as they arrive at or depart from the Calgary International Airport. As a result, some types of residential developments are not allowed within certain NEF areas; however, existing residential developments have been allowed to remain in these areas and can be rebuilt if they’ve been demolished or destroyed. 

In 2009, the AVPA was reviewed by the province and changes were made. Some of these changes included new definitions of what a residence was and also clarifications regarding reconstruction and replacement of existing residential units.  

What is a Noise Exposure Forecast (NEF)?

In Canada, noise around airports is calculated and identified through a Noise Exposure Forecast (NEF) established by Transport Canada. The NEF is a standardized format, and computer modeled determination, of expected noise levels in areas within the vicinity of an airport. It predicts likely annoyances from aircraft on a community, by considering factors such as types of aircraft, flight times, arrivals, departures, and future runway expansions. Anticipated noise levels are described as contours on a map (i.e. Noise Contour Map) with an assigned NEF value for each contour

Transport Canada recommends that noise sensitive developments be controlled from the NEF 25 contour level and greater with specific restrictions for residential land uses at the NEF 30 level or greater.

How does the AVPA affect my property?

The AVPA’s Noise Exposure Forecast area your property lies within is the NEF 30 – 35 contour (please see NEF30 Inglewood Exemption Map below). While existing dwellings are allowed, the AVPA regulation prohibits any further residential development or redevelopment.  This means that:

  • existing residential properties cannot be subdivided by a plan of subdivision to create a new residential lot for development;
  • the number of residential units on your property cannot be increased; and
  • a new secondary suite cannot be developed.

Please Note: These prohibitions apply even if the Calgary Land Use Bylaw shows your property is located in a land use district which would allow for increased residential development.

AVPA Exemption Map

How will this ex​emption affect my property?

If the prohibition against residential developments is removed, then subject to the provisions of Calgary Land Use Bylaw 1P2007, property owners may be able to develop a secondary suite or subdivide their lots to add an additional residence or construct new residential buildings, including multi-unit residential buildings. Any new development would still be subject to the acoustical requirements set out in the Alberta Building Code at the time a development permit relating to a new building is issued.​

Project outreach 

A public meeting is scheduled on Tuesday, September 13, 2016, between the hours of 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm at the Inglewood Community Association Hall (1740 24 Avenue S.E). The purpose of the meeting is to present interested parties with information on this initiative and obtain feedback from affected property owners.​

Project tim​elines

​Event Date
​Open house ​Tuesday, September 13, 2016
​Deadline for public feedback September 13, 2016 by the end of the open house event​
​Report development September-October 2016
​Planning and Urban Development review November 2016 (TBD)​
Report presented to Council
​December 2016 – January 2017 (TBD)
​Letter to the Minister of Municipal Affairs (TBD assuming Council approval) ​January 2017​

Contact​ us

To provide your feedback on this project, visit:

For more information, please call 403-268-5311 or you can contact the Project Lead Planner Nick Makale at​.