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Banff Trail - Capitol Hill Community Planning Project

What’s New?

August 2017 update

On August 1, 2017, Council approved the City-initiated redesignation. For Council minutes, please see item 6.34 of the July 31 Combined Meeting of Council meeting agenda.

June 15, 2017 update

On June 15, 2017, the Calgary Planning Commission recommended that City Council approve this application. A Council public hearing is scheduled for July 31 2017. You have an opportunity to submit written comments to City Council starting on July 6, 2017.

What’s next?

  1. Mail-outs: There will be another round of mail outs to inform all adjacent and affected land owners about an upcoming Council public hearing on this item.
  2. Advertising Period (July 6 – July 20): This is an opportunity for your input. Community members and residents who wish to support or voice their concerns over the proposal, but cannot attend the public hearing in person, may submit written comments directly to City Council ( staring on July 6 until July 20, 2017 – 10AM. Comments received during this time period are placed in the agenda of the public hearing where they can be reviewed by members of City of Council.
  3. Council Public Hearing (July 31): A Council public hearing for this application has been scheduled for July 31, 2017. A public hearing is held by City Council. Any member of the public can speak for five minutes in favor or against the proposal. Typically, the public hearing meeting agenda becomes available approximately one week ahead of the Council meeting.

    NOTE: Given the significant number of items scheduled for the July 31 public hearing, this particular item (Bylaw 269D2017) may not be heard by Council until the following day.  

February 2017 update

The City held two information sessions on February 15, 2017 and February 22, 2017. If you were unable to attend the sessions, please review the display boards​.

Project summary​

Amendments to the Banff Trail Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) and the Capitol Hill portion of the North Hill ARP were adopted by City Council on March 7, 2016 (see the meeting minutes - item 8.2 of the agenda).

Council directed City staff to implement specific aspects of the revised ARPs through City-initiated redesignations. As such, at the beginning of 2017 City staff initiated an application to redesignate the following residential R-C1 and R-C2 properties to an R-CG land use designation (Map below)​.

The new R-CG designation will allow for:

  • Rowhouses in addition to uses and development already allowable on R-C2 and R-C1 properties;
  • A maximum building height of 11 metres (applicable to new rowhouse development only); and
  • A maximum of 4 units (based on a typical 50’ x 120’ parcel of land).

The revised land use plans included in both ARPs identify specific parcels and blocks of land as ‘Low Density Rowhouse’. Properties selected for “upzoning” to an R-CG designation are generally consistent with these land use plans.

Banff Trail: Council directed City staff to redesignate all properties identified in the Land Use Plan of the Banff Trail ARP as ‘Low Density Rowhouse’ to R-CG.
Banff Trail land use plan

Capitol Hill: The R-CG redesignations will be limited to appropriate properties along 24 Avenue NW, 20 Avenue NW and the north side of 17 Avenue NW.
C​apitol Hill land use plan​ 

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The communities of Capitol Hill and Banff Trail have Area Redevelopment Plans (ARP) to guide future land use and development. These plans set high level requirements for future development and outline how the goals of Calgary’s Municipal Development Plan and other planning documents will be applied to a specific site. Area redevelopment plans may be amended as conditions change in a community and as the vision and aspirations of a community change.

The purpose of the Banff Trail - Capitol Hill Community Planning Project is:

  1. To engage with the community of Banff Trail and Capitol Hill on future redevelopment opportunities – COMPLETED
  2. Work with local stakeholders to identify potential locations for modest redevelopment, consistent with the policies of the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and within the boundaries of the Banff Trail Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) and the Capitol Hill portion of the ARP ​– COMPLETED
  3. Implement aspects of the revised area redevelopment plans as per Council direction through City-initiated redesignations – ONGOING   

A community visioning exercise between City staff, residents of Banff Trail and Capitol Hill, and other stakeholders concluded at the beginning of 2016 (see the Engagement tab). The proposed amendments to the Banff Trail Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) and the Capitol Hill portion of the North Hill ARP were adopted by City Council at a Public Hearing of Council on March 7, 2016. See Council meeting minutes (item 8.2) for additional information.​


​Date ​Event
​January 2017 ​City-initiated R-CG redesignations (start of project)​
​​​February 15, 2017 ​Information Session #1
​February 22, 2017​ ​Information Session #12
March 1, 2017 ​​Comments due date​
​June 15, 2017 ​Calgary Planning Commisssion
​July 31, 2017 ​Public Hearing of Council


Previous public engagement

Public engagement conducted during 2014 and 2015 included regular meetings with the Banff Trail and Capitol Hill Planning Advisory Committees, and two public open houses (December 2014 and September 2015).

Preliminary land use concepts developed by Administration and the Planning AdvisoryCommittees were presented to the public at the December 2014 open house.

Approximately 250 residents attended the open house and 166 feedback forms were received. Analysis of the feedback forms received showed that there was approximately equal support and opposition to the proposed areas identified for modest redevelopment.

A second public open house was held in September 2015 presenting the revised Land Use Maps, Building Height maps and associated potential policies. Approximately 200 residents attended the open house, 123 feedback forms were received. Feedback received was similar to that received at the December 2014 open house, resulting in minor changes to the land use and building height maps.

Review the summary  of the public feedback we heard and the display boards from the September 29, 2015 open house.​

Supporting documents


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