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The Boulevard at Dalhousie


In December 2016, a Land Use Amendment Application and Development Permit was submitted for an area located at 5505 Shaganappi Trail N.W. (Dalhousie Co-op site).

The Land Use Amendment Application is to redesignate (rezone) the property from C-C2 to a Direct Control District, which would allow for an increase of height from 9 metres to 78 metres. The application number is LOC2016-0326.

A concurrent Development Permit has been submitted with the Land Use Application to redevelop the site to include new Multi-Residential Dwelling Units (2 buildings, 444 units), Office (approximately 44,320 square feet) and approximately 100,000 square feet for retail space (including Co-op) in the community of Dalhousie, located in northwest Calgary. The application number is DP2016-5075.

The proposed intent is to create a mixed-use development that will replace the current retail grocery store and related infrastructure, while introducing new amenities including housing, retail and office space.

There is no area policy plan at this time. The site is governed by the Municipal Development Plan and the Calgary Transportation Plan.

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The Boulevard at Dalhousie map


Date Activity
August to October 2016 Applicant led engagement
December 12, 2016 Development Permit submission to The City- currently under review
December 13, 2016 Land Use submission to The City - currently under review

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Morgan Huber
Planner, Community Planning