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Bridgeland School Site Proposed Redevelopment

Latest News
Minto Communities is no longer purchasing this parcel of land and has withdrawn all related applications. The land use redesignation will still appear on the agenda for the March 7th public hearing of City Council; it will be pulled from the public hearing and there will be a motion to abandon the bylaws.


The City of Calgary has received an application to redesignate (rezone) an approximate 1.55-acre parcel of land located at 414 11A Street NE in the community of Bridgeland to allow the development of residential condominiums and townhouses. The proposed redevelopment will incorporate and preserve the original 1921 Bridgeland School, currently known as Delta West Academy.

Bridgeland School Site
  This proposal will include three parts: a land use redesignation, an amendment to the Bridgeland/Riverside Area Redevelopment Plan and a development permit.

The applicant, O2 Planning + Design, and the developer, Minto Co​mmunities, propose to redesignate (rezone) the site from S-CI (Special Purpose – Community Institution) to a direct control district (DC) based on the M-C1 (Multi-Residential – Contextual Low Profile ) land use district. The proposed direct control land use will permit the redevelopment of the site that will include the adaptive reuse of the original Bridgeland School structure along with new construction townhouse development that will promote context-sensitive, family-orientated residential intensification in the community of Bridgeland. A development permit has also been submitted for the site. The land use amendment and development permit will be processed concurrently. ​

Implementation of the proposed development concept will also require an amendment to the Bridgeland/Riverside Area Redevelopment Plan.


The estimated timeline for the project is as follows:

  • Land Use Amendment submission: October 16, 2014
  • Circulation of plans to adjacent residents: First week of November
  • City’s technical review of application: November 2014 through summer of 2015
  • Development Permit submission: July 7, 2015
  • Public information sessions: November 23, 2015
  • Calgary Planning Commission: January 14, 2016
  • Public hearing at City Council: March 7, 2016

How to get involved

There are several ways you can get involved in this project. Your thoughts for the site will be considered by our staff and summarized for the applicant, the Calgary Planning Commission and City Council. Ultimately, The City has to weigh many different things when deciding what to allow on a property and public input is an important piece.

  1. Survey results: The results of the first survey regarding this application have been summarized in a report. The feedback we’ve heard will help inform how this application is reviewed and the feedback gathered will be included in the report to the Calgary Planning Commission and City Council. The survey was available online from November 2014 to January 5, 2015. Thank you to those who took the time to provide their thoughts.
  2. Open house feedback: : An open house was held on Monday, November 23 at the Delta West Academy. Public feedback collected at this event has been summarized in. Public feedback collected at this event has been summarized in this report.
  3. Contact the file manager: You can contact the file manager (contact information listed below) to provide feedback on the proposed development or to get more information about the application process.
  4. Email updates: Sign up to receive our email updates about this project.
  5. Public hearing of Council: A public hearing is held by City Council before they make a decision on the application. You can speak directly to Council at the hearing, or submit written comments. You will have five minutes to speak, excluding any questions Council members may ask you. Comments should be brief and should address land use planning issues.

The planning process

When the City of Calgary receives an application to redesignate a property (Land Use Amendment Application), we generally follow this process:

When the application is received, adjacent landowners, the local community association, the Ward Councillor, various City departments (such as Transportation Planning, Urban Development, and Parks) and other external agencies (such as utility companies) are circulated a copy of the application to gather their input. The input received during this process has been documented and summarized, and includes 48 comments from 43 residents.

The City’s Planning Department reviews the application on its urban planning merits, a review of the technical aspects of the application including (but not limited to servicing and transportation components), compliance with City planning objectives and policies, including (but not limited to) the Municipal Development Plan and local area plan applicable to the area, in this case, the Bridgeland-Riverside Area Redevelopment Plan.

At an early stage in the application process, The City conducts public engagement to learn about any issues that exist from a community perspective.

Following a formal review of the application, and the comments received from the circulation process, City staff prepare a detailed team review document that summarizes the list of outstanding issues with the application. This involves a period of negotiation with the applicant to resolve any identified issues.

Upon satisfactory resolution of the detailed team review comments, City staff prepare a report for the Calgary Planning Commission, which is a committee appointed annually by City Council to make recommendations to Council on land use planning matters. The report contains a recommendation for the proposed land use redesignation. The commission can request changes to the redesignation proposal or can forward the report along with their recommendation on the proposal to City Council.

Once the Calgary Planning Commission has made a recommendation to City Council on the land use redesignation portion of the application, it is advertised for a two-week period in the Calgary Herald and then goes to Council for the final decision. Council is required to hold a public hearing on all land use redesignation applications before voting.

This entire process generally takes approximately 6 to 12 months to complete.

Supporting information and documents


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Senior Planner, Planning, Development & Assessment
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