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Cannabis business rules and process changes


While recreational cannabis was legalized for sale on October 17, 2019, there will continue to be ongoing edits, changes and new regulations being implemented related to the sale and production/processing of cannabis.

This page is intended to provide updates for active or future cannabis-related businesses to get information on any proposed changes to regulations or updates on current regulations.

Temporary suspension of Provincial licencing

The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) recently made the decision to temporarily suspend accepting applications and issuing any additional cannab​is retail licenses in Alberta.

The City of Calgary recognize that this is of utmost importance for our customers as development permits (DP) may lapse for lack of commencement if the suspension is not lifted by mid-2019.

To assist our customers:

  • The City of Calgary will bring forward to Committee a proposed Land Use Bylaw amendment in Q2 2019, which would extend the timeline for commencement of these affected development permits.  This amendment ultimately would be subject to Council’s approval.
  • The City of Calgary has also identified an option to allow for interim uses, which will help support businesses until the AGLC begins issuing Provincial licenses. Customers with an approved Cannabis Store DP who have not yet received their AGLC licence should speak to their file manager about options for operating under a non-cannabis store use in the interim.

A City of Calgary Business Licence​ (cannabis store category) is required for the Cannabis Store use to remain in the AGLC licensing queue, this means that you must have a current City cannabis store business licence to be considered by the AGLC for a Provincial license.

To learn more about what may be allowed at your location as an interim use, and the process that is needed​, please speak with the file manager for your Cannabis Store application.

Details on interim uses

Customers can either:

  1. Continue to operate the existing approved use in the store location; or
  2. Apply for a development permit for a new use in the store location.

It is important to note the following when considering an interim use in a location with a released Cannabis Store development permit:

  • The Cannabis Store must not have a cancelled permit. 
  • The permit must not have lapsed (it is not past the ‘must commence by’ date).

A City of Calgary Business Licence (cannabis store category) is required for the Cannabis Store use to remain in the AGLC licensing queue. Therefore, the customer must apply for two City Business Licence categories: one for the interim use they plan to operate, and one for the Cannabis Store City Business Licence.​​​​​​​

Frequently asked questions

Does applying for an interim use affect a customer's ability to obtain their AGLC for cannabis store licensing?

To remain in the AGLC queue for Licensing it is important that customers apply for a municipal Business Licence for the interim use, as well as the Cannabis Store business licence.

What is the process for applying for a change of use (online? In-person)?

A Change of Use application must be submitted in-person at the 3rd floor counter in the Municipal Building at 800 Macleod Trail SE. If the use is a Permitted Use in the location’s Land Use District the Change of Use application should be released in five (5) business days. If the use is a Discretionary Use in the Land Use District, the approval could take up to 60 days for approval. To talk to a Planning and Development representative before making your application, call 403-268-5311.​

How much does it cost to apply for a Change of Use development permit?

The Change of Use development permit application fee depends on the use that is proposed. If a new interim use proposed is a Permitted Use in the Land Use District​ that applies to the location the application fee is $120. If the use proposed is a Discretionary Use, the application fee is $657.

Can I continue to sell non-cannabis related merchandise after I receive my AGLC licence?

No. It is important to note that any non-cannabis related activities taking place in the space cannot continue after AGLC licensing. In addition, these activities may be required to be removed from the premises prior to the final inspection by the AGLC. Please confirm with the AGLC their requirements for licensing.​​​​​​​​​


Brandy MacInnis
Senior Planning and Policy Strategist | Planning and Development