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Dalhousie Land Use Redesignation


In October 2016, NORR Architects and Planners submitted an application to redesignate (rezone) an area of land located at 4739 Dalton Drive N.W. (The Dells) located in proximity to the Dalhousie LRT station. Upon receiving the application, The City reviewed the proposal, circulated it to the Dalhousie Community Association, and sought input from the community via an online survey and through direct responses. At the end of December 2016, the applicant was provided comments from The City, the Community Association and the online survey and was asked to address the comments and concerns.

At the end of January 2017, the applicant submitted a revised application to the City of Calgary. The application was presented to Calgary Planning Commission (CPC) on March 23, 2017. CPC recommended the application for approval to City Council.

On May 8, 2017 City Council held a Public Hearing for the application and on May 9, 2016 Council voted to give first reading of the bylaw for the land use redesignation for the Dalhousie Dells application. However, Council also voted to withhold second and third readings of the bylaw pending the completion of the Dalhousie Planning Your Community work, with Administration to report back on that work no later than July 31, 2017. The final recommendation by Council on the application will be made on July 31, 2017. However, no further Public Hearing will be held for the application at that time.

Application Details

The amended land use‎ redesignation will allow for a high rise multi-residential development with up to 975 units (a decrease from the original proposal of 1,200). Proposed maximum building heights and floor area ratios (FAR) are identified on the attached map.

The application is proposing the development of two sites, increasing the number of allowable dwelling units from 207 to 975. An increase in allowable height has also been proposed, from 14 metres to a maximum of 50 metres and 75 metres on the two sites going from north to south (a decrease from the original proposal of 100 metres), with the tallest buildings at the south end of the site. The application number is LOC2016-0257.

Dalhousie Land Use Redesignation map

Land Use Areas



Date​ Activity
October 2016 ​Application submitted to The City of Calgary. 
November 28 - December 8, 2016 Online engagement from community.
December 2016 ​Comments from The City, online engagement and the Dalhousie Community Association sent to applicant for response. 
​January 2017 ​Applicant submits amended application.
​March 23, 2017 ​Application presented​ to Calgary Planning Commission
May 8, 2017​ Application presented at Council Public Hearing. 
​July 31, 2017 2nd and 3rd reading of the bylaw for the application voted on by City Council.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The FAQ section will be updated as more feedback is received and more common questions are raised. Please check this page regularly for updates.

What is being proposed? Why are there no building plans?

The subject application proposes to redesignate (rezone) the property located at 4739 Dalton Drive (The Dells) to allow for a multi-residential high rise development. A land use redesignation does not detail the specific plans for a new development, but rather proposes to change the rules under which future development is guided. The subject application seeks to allow for additional height, building mass and density (the number of units) than is currently allowed on the site.

The proposed redesignation divides the property into two sites, each with a different proposed height: 50 metres on the northern site and 75 metres on the southern site. The existing allowable height is 14 metres. The FAR (floor area ratio- a ratio representing the total floor area of all buildings on the site, to the total area of the parcel of land) of the sites is proposed to be 5.0 for the northern site and 6.5 for the southern site.​

If the land use redesignation is approved, a development permit will be required for the development. The development permit would lay out the specific building details, including parking, landscaping, building height, materials and other details of the physical building design. It is at the development permit stage that the details of the proposed development are determined.

Who decides whether to approve or refuse the application?

All land use applications are ultimately decided by City Council. The City of Calgary reviews the application, taking into account input from various City Departments, as well as community residents and the community association, in order to make a recommendation to Calgary Planning Commission, a technical review committee made up of City Councillors, City Administration and citizen members. Calgary Planning Commission then makes a recommendation to City Council on the application, who ultimately vote to approve or refuse the proposed redesignation. It is estimated that this application will be presented to City Council in spring 2017.

What about traffic? Is there an evaluation of how the development will impact transportation in the area?

For applications of this nature, The City of Calgary asks that the applicant prepare an analysis called a Transportation Impact Assessment (TIA), which is reviewed by the City of Calgary Transportation Department. The TIA analyzes nearby intersections for both existing and future conditions with the proposed development and evaluates pedestrian and bicycle connectivity to the site. The TIA is currently under review.

What about servicing? Does the City evaluate the servicing capacity for the development?

Similar to the evaluation of transportation, The City of Calgary requires that the applicant provide an analysis of the servicing capacity for the development. That study is currently under review.

I am concerned about parking for the proposed development. How is this considered?

All developments in the City of Calgary have parking requirements under the land use bylaw, and the number of parking stalls proposed is reviewed against that requirement during the development permit application. The developer would have to provide parking on site for the proposed development. There are policies that allow for reductions of the parking requirement in close proximity to LRT stations, as well as policies that restrict the maximum ratio of parking stalls to dwelling units in these areas. The developer is not proposing to change the parking requirement for this development.

I am concerned shadows from the new development. Is evaluation as part of the process? What is evaluated?

For some applications, The City of Calgary asks for shadow studies to be done to demonstrate how the proposed development will impact the adjacent area. A standard shadow study examines shadows cast by the proposed development on March 21 and September 21 (the spring and fall equinoxes) at 10 a.m., noon, 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. The impact of shadows on public areas, parks, and all residential homes is considered as part of this evaluation. The shadow study is currently under review.

Will the tennis courts, basketball courts or pathway be affected by this development?

No. The tennis courts, basketball courts and pathway are public property, owned by The City of Calgary. They are not part of the proposed redesignation and will not change.

Will the development be rental or condominiums? What will the price of the condos or rent be?

As standard practice, The City of Calgary planning department does not take into consideration the ownership (condo or rental) or price of proposed developments. Proposed developments are evaluated on many factors: abiding to Council adopted planning policies, height, density, proposed uses (residential, retail, industrial, etc), servicing, parking, landscaping, pedestrian/cycle/vehicle access, etc. However, the ownership or price of developments is not taken into consideration.

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Peter Schryvers
Senior Planner, Community Planning