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Developed Areas Guidebook

The City is in the process of creating Guidebooks that set out land use frameworks and common policies to guide growth and change for Developed Areas in Calgary. The Developed Areas Guidebook is one of two Guidebooks for the areas in Calgary that already have established neighbourhoods – the second is the Centre City Guidebook​ that is specific to the communities in that area.

Proposed Developed Areas Guidebook (March 2017)

Information Sessions

Community information sessions were held throughout the summer and fall of 2017 in conjunction with Green Line engagement sessions. Feedback from those events were incorporated into the draft copy of the Guidebook available above for viewing

About This Project

The Developed Areas Guidebook will form part of Volume 2 of the MDP, where the New Communities Guidebook currently resides. The Developed Areas Guidebook’s purpose is to:

  • Outline a consistent local area plan framework for future development and redevelopment.
  • Provide policy in areas where a local area planning process implements the guidebook to facilitate redevelopment of strategic growth areas.

The Guidebook will only apply to areas where a local area plan, such as an area redevelopment plan, indicates it applies. If the local area plan was created prior to the Guidebook or your community does not have a local area plan, the Guidebook will not apply to your community until a new local area plan is created, or an existing one is substantially amended.

Once approved, the Developed Areas Guidebook will become part of the Municipal Development Plan (MDP). It will establish the land use policy framework for main streets and activity centres, including transit station areas. It provides direction for character areas, the desired built form within these areas, community services, mobility networks and infrastructure requirements.

The current phase of work specifically focuses on Green Line Station areas. Citizens that are interested in how the guidebook will be used on a community-by-community basis can get involved by attending the information sessions noted above.

Other Important Information

  • Frequently Asked Questions: an FAQ has been created to help explain the context of the Guidebook and how/when it applies.
  • Planning for the Future: understand why the guidebook plays an important role in the overall planning of Calgary.
  • Municipal Development Plan: the Guidebook will be part of the Municipal Development Plan, which lays out long-term growth strategies for Calgary.


City administration asked Council for a deferral on the timelines for the Developed Areas Guidebook, Inglewood ARP, Ramsay ARP, Millican-Ogden ARP and South Hill SAP. The deferral will allow additional time for alignment of ARPs and SAP with the Developed Areas Guidebook and further work on heritage and transportation.
The deferral was discussed at the December 7th meeting of Planning and Urban Development (PUD). Revised timelines will be updated here once they are finalized.

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