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Developer Funded Area Structure Plans

Check out our newest developer funded area structure plans, ProvidenceGlacier RidgeNose Creek and Haskayne.


Calgary City Council has directed City staff to streamline the process of creating area structure plans, which are documents that guide development in new communities. This new streamlined process will reduce the time it takes to produce an area structure plan and will allow for more collaboration between City staff, landowners and developers.

Six area structure plans are currently being created under this process, including the Cornerstone Area Structure Plan, the Rangeview Area Structure Plan, the Nose Creek Area Structure Plan and the Haskayne Area Structure Plan the Providence Area Structure Plan and the Glacier Ridge Area Structure Plan.


An area structure plan refines and implements The City’s broad planning objectives and policies of the Municipal Development Plan, the Calgary Transportation Plan, local area plans, and other plans and policies by promoting logical, compatible and sustainable development. It guides and directs the specific land use, subdivision and development decisions that collectively determine the form that the plan area will take. These development decisions include the provision of essential services and facilities, land uses, transportation systems, population, jobs and densities, and the sequence of development.

Vision and core ideas for new communities

The City is aiming to foster complete communities in undeveloped, new communities by organizing development around compact activity centres and corridors that are connected and sustainable. These centres and corridors are intended to include higher density residential uses, as well as places for people to work. They will provide a place for local residents to access their daily needs.

New communities will be planned based on the following core ideas:

  1. Compact development
    New communities will make efficient use of land by focusing growth in activity centres and corridors.
  2. Multi-modal connectivity
    New communities will support multiple forms of transportation and provide connections for pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders and motorists.
  3. Fully serviced
    New communities will have a full complement of utilities and social services.
  4. Open space network
    New communities will have an interconnected system of manicured and natural open spaces.

How to get involved

There are several ways stakeholders and the public can provide feedback on this pilot project and the new community plans. You can attend meetings and open houses, contact the project managers directly or complete questionnaires (when available). Your thoughts will be considered by our staff and summarized for developers, Calgary Planning Commission and City Council.

Planning Process

The baseline steps for these projects are as follows:

  • Confirmation of priorities and principles
  • Circulation of project information to adjacent residents
  • Development of community and neighbourhood structure and land use concepts
  • Feedback and refinement of the plan area concepts
  • Development of school, park and community facility distribution concepts
  • Further feedback and refinement of the plan area concepts
  • Technical review
  • Analysis of policies and the draft area structure plans
  • Technical review at the Calgary Planning Commission
  • Public hearing of City Council
  • For specific dates, please visit the project pages for each of the developer funded area structure plans

Supporting information and documents