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Kensington Legion Site Redevelopment - Concurrent Land Use Redesignation and Development Permit Application

Latest Update

On February 8, 2016, City Council approve the land use amendment (LOC2014-0156).

  • Information on the public hearing of City Council (report, agenda and minute)
  • After the approval of the Land Use amendment, Development Permit (DP2015-2379) for Site 1 was also approved
  • Development Permit (DP2015-4956) for Site 2 was approved by Calgary Planning Commission (CPC) on August 25, 2016. 
  • For more information on CPC minutes, please see Calgary Planning Commission

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The City of Calgary is reviewing a proposal from Civicworks Planning + Design and S2 Architecture representing Truman Development and the Royal Canadian Kensington Legion No. 264 to change the type of development allowed on the Kensington Legion site. Learn more about the proposal on the applicant's website. The proposal consists of three applications:

  • Land use redesignation application (LOC2014-0156) for Site 1 and Site 2. This application proposes to change the designation (zoning) from DC/S-CI to DC/C-COR1 district to allow for mixed use mid-rise development.
    • Learn about land uses/zones/districts within Calgary's Land Use Bylaw.
  • Development permit (DP2015-2379) for Site 1. This is the development permit application for a new four storey Legion building. The first two floors are proposed to house the Legion, while the top two floors are proposed for office use. As part of this application, a parcel owned by The City of Calgary (currently a closed road between Site 1 and Site 2) is proposed to be reopened as a public road.
  • Development permit (DP2015-4956) for Site 2. This is the development permit for a mixed use mid-rise building designed to conform to the proposed land use.

Stay tuned to this webpage for updates.

The Kensington Legion site

Concept drawing of proposed development

Concept drawing of proposed development