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Medical Marihuana Counselling

Federal Law does not allow The City of Calgary to permit medical marihuana retail stores or​ clubs. The Federal Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulation (MMPR) only allows a licensed producer to ship medical marihuana directly to a patient or a medical professional.  Retail sales are not allowed. Calgary’s Smoking Bylaw,
 Bylaw 5​7M92, does not allow smoking​ ​​in public premises, such as restaurants or clubs. The prohibition on smoking in public premises includes the use of medical marihuana.

The stated intentions of the new Federal Government to legalise marihuana does not mean that retail sale of marihuana is allowed in Calgary. The new Fed​e​ral Gover​nment will need to consult with public stakeholders and Provinces, as well  approve the necessary laws.  In the interim, the existing laws continue to apply.

On June 14, 2016 Council approved a new definition in the Land Use Bylaw called “Medical Marihuana Counselling” to accommodate businesses tha​t provide medical marihuana counselling services. These businesses must be located 150 metres from a school yard boundary and 300 metres from each other and require a development permit. For inquiries about starting a “Medical Marihuana Coun​selling” business please call 403-268-5311.​