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Municipal District of Foothills and City of Calgary Intermunicipal Development Plan

Fall 2016 Update: Based on public feedback at the last open house held on ​March 2, 2016, The City of Calgary and the M.D. of Foothills have conducted some additional analysis on identified issues, drafted updates to the new IDP document, and internally reviewed the policy originally proposed for the plan.  We are once again looking for public feedback at our fall 2016 open house to help us shape the final policies that will form the new IDP.

While this additional work has delayed the process, we believe that it will result in a better plan for both municipalities. We now anticipate the draft IDP will go forward for public hearing and consideration by both Councils in the first quarter of 2017.

Please see the updated draft IDP package for detailed information on the project.

Open House Details:

Jointly hosted by the M.D. of Foothills and The City of Calgary
Thursday, October 27th
4:00pm – 8:00pm
DeWinton Community Hall
114 Macleod Trail South, De Winton

* If you missed the open house, please take our survey​ about the updated draft IDP package, which was presented at the event.​

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To review the summary of feedback we heard at the last event, check out the
engagement report.


The City of Calgary and the Municipal District of Foothills are reviewing their joint Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP). Although there is an existing IDP, it is now more than 15 years old and requires updating for several reasons:

  • Both municipalities have adopted new municipal development plans since the existing IDP was adopted.
  • With the tremendous amount of growth both municipalities have experienced in the last few years, it is essential to evaluate the current policies and consider alternatives to support and regulate growth.
  • The review provides an opportunity to incorporate the information and data provided in studies completed since the adoption of the existing plan in 1998.
  • Through this review, options for joint planning initiatives will be explored. There may be opportunities for future joint endeavours.

There are several benefits to intermunicipal planning:

  • Collaborate to manage and plan land uses in a way that considers the needs and interests of both the Municipal District of Foothills and the City of Calgary.
  • Create processes to resolve conflicts that may arise.
  • Locate, support and protect assets that provide benefit to both municipalities and the region as a whole.
  • Identify future joint projects that should be undertaken together.
  • Address growth issues jointly.