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Nose Creek Area Structure Plan

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The Nose Creek Area Structure Plan was approved by City Council at the December 7th Public Hearing.
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The City is working closely with landowners and the public to create the Nose Creek Area Structure Plan. The plan area includes approximately 679 hectares (1,678 acres) of undeveloped land in northeast Calgary, west of Deerfoot Trail and north of Stoney Trail. Nose Creek and the Canadian Pacific Rail line run along the eastern edge of the plan area, which has been used primarily for agriculture.

This area structure plan is part of the developer-funded model intended to shorten the amount of time it takes to prepare the plan to approximately one year. This plan was presented to The Calgary Planning Commission on October 8, 2015 followed by City Council for a Public Hearing on December 7, 2015.


The City’s planning process begins with the citywide policies in the Municipal Development Plan and narrows to area-specific policies to guide new development. This area structure plan will build on the directions established in the North Regional Context Study to identify basic land uses such as parks and open space, utility servicing and a collector-level transportation network. To learn more about the Nose Creek Area Structure Plan, please refer to the panels that we presented at our September 17, 2014 open house as well as our September 3, 2015 open house.

+ Nose Creek Project Timeline

The project team held a Visioning Session with landowners and asked them how this site can contribute to achieving the Municipal Development Plan’s city-wide policies. Through this process, a number of themes emerged, which led to the creation of the vision and principles for the Nose Creek Area Structure Plan.

+ Vision and Principles

Vision Statement: Nose Creek will be a leading health-focused, inclusively planned community.

Principles: The Nose Creek Area Structure Plan is the northern gateway to Calgary and will:

  • Integrate and celebrate the natural and cultural landscapes;
  • Mobilize and connect people, places and communities within and beyond Nose Creek;
  • Grow and exemplify a diverse, well-balanced community for all Calgarians, present and future.


A draft concept plan defines high level land uses, environmentally significant areas and a road network. A land use concept plan is always conceptual and is a small part of a policy document. A concept plan is refined throughout a project. The project team seeks public input and present the concept at public open houses.

Get Involved

Your thoughts for the area structure plan will be considered by our staff and communicated to other stakeholders, Calgary Planning Commission and City Council. Ultimately, there are many considerations and factors that go into developing new community plans and your input is an important piece. Opportunities for public input will be posted on this page and emailed to everyone who signs up for project updates.

If you would like more information you can sign up for email updates at the top of this page, or contact the project manager directly.