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Osprey Meadows Development Proposal

The City received an application on November 13, 2018 that proposes the development of approximately 16 hectares (40 acres) of privately-owned land located between Chaparral Valley and the Blue Devil Golf Club, north of 194 Avenue SE in the southeast quadrant of the city.

This application has three parts:

  • Outline Plan: an outline plan proposes the future subdivision and development of the lands, including infrastructure, road size and location, distribution of open space and the location of various land use districts. Calgary Planning Commission (CPC) is responsible for making a decision on the outline plan.
  • Land Use Amendment: a land use amendment proposes a change to the existing land use designation (zoning) to accommodate the land use proposed in the outline plan. City Council is responsible for making a decision on the land use amendment. A successful land use amendment would require an update or amendment to the local Area Structure Plan.
  • Area Structure Plan Amendment: an amendment to the Chaparral Area Structure Plan to update the plan based on the proposed changes to the existing land use. City Council is responsible for making a decision on the Area Structure Plan.

Specifically, this application proposes a variety of residential uses adjacent to the Blue Devil Golf Club that would take a similar form to other residential buildings in the neighbourhoods of Chaparral Valley to the west and Wolf Willow to the south. The proposed development is predominately a mix of single-detached and semi-detached dwellings with opportunities for 3-4 storey multi-residential development. The outline plan proposes a density of 11 units per acre (27.3 units per hectare), anticipating approximately 1,173 people and 44 home-based jobs, with an intensity of 75 people and jobs per hectare.

View the proposed outline plan and land use map here.

City Review and Decision Process

The City must review and consider all development applications. Many factors are considered as part of the application review process including: relevant City policies, technical analysis and feasibility, planning principles and public feedback. In this case, applicable City policies include Calgary’s Municipal Development Plan and the Chaparral Area Structure Plan.

  • City Administration is responsible for leading the application review. A City Planner acts as the file manager and works with other professionals and subject matter experts who review technical details such as infrastructure requirements, transportation connections, stormwater management, etc.
  • Calgary Planning Commission (CPC) is responsible for making decisions on outline plans. Calgary Planning Commission can suggest changes to a proposed land use amendment or area structure plan amendments and makes a recommendation to Council to approve or refuse proposed amendments.
  • City Council is responsible for making decisions on land use amendments and amendments to Area Structure Plans.

Additional details can be found within timeline section.

Public Feedback

There are a few ways to provide feedback throughout the process.

Prior to Application Submission: Applicants may choose to share information with the public (to help inform the public about their developments intentions) and/or choose to collect feedback from the public (to help inform the details of the application) prior to submission to The City of Calgary.

  • Applicant-hosted open house – in the case of this application, the applicant shared information and collected feedback about the proposed development before the application was submitted to The City. The feedback collected by the applicant before the formal application was submitted has been captured in the applicant’s What We Heard report. This feedback will be considered as part of the application review.

During City Application Review: Feedback can be provided to the lead City Planner / file manager during the application review process in the following ways:

  • Online – visit (search LOC2018-0256). Feedback received will be summarized and shared with the public and the applicant as well as included in a report to Calgary Planning Commission and City Council.

Prior to decision on land use and ASP amendment: Feedback can also be provided directly to City Council.

  • Written Comments – provide written comments through the City Clerk.  Written comments received by City Clerks will be included as an attachment to the Council report.
  • Speak at the Public Hearing of Council - attend the Public Hearing of Council to speak directly to City Council.  Members of the public are given five minutes to speak directly to City Council.

Additional information about communicating with Council will provided closer to scheduled Public Hearing of Council. 


Information related to any key past or future dates such as when the application was submitted, tentative timelines for CPC/Council and opportunities for public comments.

​June 2018 ​The landowner / applicant begins sharing information about their development intentions.

  • An applicant hosted open house was held at the Chaparral Residents Association to share preliminary information, listen to comments and concerns, answer any initial questions and collect feedback.
October 2018 ​The applicant shared a What We Heard report​ with their email subscribers based on the feedback collected at the June 2018 open house. 
November 2018  ​Application (outline plan, land use amendment and Area Structure Plan amendment) submitted to The City of Calgary.
November 2018 ​City review of application begins. Assigned City Planner / file manager collects public input.
Winter 2019 ​ Coordinated Applicant and City public session (tentative).

  • ​​​The applicant will share the details of their application and, if desired, collect additional feedback to help inform the application details. The City will share information about the land use amendment, policy amendment and outline plan review process, share information about the opportunities for the public to provide comments and answer any  questions.
Winter 2019 (tentative)  ​City issues Detailed Team Review to applicant which provides a technical review of the proposal including technical input and requested and suggested changes to the proposal, if required. If required, the applicant submits an amended application.
Winter/Spring 2019 (tentative)  ​Additional City review of revised application, if required. Ongoing opportunity for public input to City Planner / file manager.
Summer 2019 (tentative)  ​Calgary Planning Commission for outline plan review and decision.
Summer 2019 (tentative) ​Calgary Planning Commission for land use amendment and Area Structure Plan amendment review. Calgary Planning Commission can suggest changes and/or make a recommendation to Council for approval or refusal.
Summer 2019 (tentative) ​Public Hearing of Council for land use amendment. City Council is the final decision maker on all land use amendment decisions. Members of the public will have an opportunity to write or speak to members of Council as part of the public hearing.
* Timeline subject to change based on revisions to the application

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Breanne Harder, MPlan, RPP, MCIP
Senior Planner | Community Planning, Planning & Development