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Saddle Ridge Cell D


The Saddle Ridge Cell D Area Structure Plan amendment information was approved at the January 11, 2016 public hearing.

A copy of the council report presented at council is now available. A consolidated, amended version of the Saddleridge Area Structure Plan will be posted on the City website once completed.


Cell D generally consists of 1.9 hectare (4.8 acres) parcels, with 32 parcels in total. With no single predominant landowner, and relatively small parcel sizes, Cell D contains a fragmented land ownership pattern.


Saddle Ridge Cell D


The purpose of the proposed Area Structure Plan (ASP) amendments is to align the area structure plan land use concept map with the recently confirmed new servicing strategy for the area, and to better align the area structure plan policies with current landowner development aspirations and the City’s Municipal Development Plan

The confirmed new servicing strategy for the area relocates the storm pond from Cell D in the existing land use concept map to Cell F – for use as a sub-regional storm water pond. This new servicing direction was confirmed by Council on November 17 2014.

This process is unlikely to affect properties in surrounding neighbourhoods that have already developed or have been approved for subdivision. Instead, the process will consider development potential for parcels in the project boundary that currently do not have land use or subdivision approved (see highlighted parcels on map above).

The planning process

Now that the Area Structure Plan amendments have been finalized, and negotiations on construction of the storm pond are nearing completion, The City is anticipating the submission of new land use and outline plan applications in the Cell D quarter section. Please review the applicable policy in advance. Once you are prepared to undertake more detailed discussions on what the application submission will involve, you are strongly encouraged to contact Planning Services at 3-1-1 to arrange a pre-application.

Project Timeline and Highlights

  • October 21 2014 - Landowner meeting / open house: See what was presented at our last landowner meeting.
  • October 31 2014 - Planning and Urban Development Committee meeting: City staff presented a report to the committee.
  • November 17 2014 – Council meeting: Council approved the Saddle Ridge Cell D progress report, and confirmed a new servicing direction for the lands.
  • February 19 2015 – Landowner workshop: City planners hosted a landowner workshop at the Genesis Centre. Review the presentation materials from the workshop and the summary of what was discussed.
  • August 25 2015 – Landowner information session: City planners hosted a landowner information session to share the draft proposed policy changes for the Cell D policy area in Saddle Ridge. Review the summary of information which was presented at this meeting.
  • Review the August 25 2015 draft policy information sheet and questionnaire.
  • November 19 2015 – Calgary Planning Commission approval of the proposed Saddle Ridge Cell D amendments.
  • January 11 2016 - City Council issues final approval for the proposed 
    Saddle Ridge Cell D amendments. 

Supporting information and documents



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