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Sage Hill Amendment


The City of Calgary is amending a portion of the Symons Valley Community Plan (ASP) to enable development. The Sage Hill amendment area comprises approximately 38ha of land located in northwest Calgary. The area is bounded by Sage Valley BLVD NW to the north, Sage Hill Dr NW to the east, Sage Hill Gate NW and Sage Hill BLVD NW to the south and by Shaganappi Trail NW and a deep coulee feature on the west.

On Nov. 28, 2016, Council directed Administration to work with the landowners using the Developer Funded Model to amend the Symons Valley Community Plan. The plan amendment will add policies to direct future development of the Sage Hill area but will not change the Symons Valley Community Plan as it relates to other areas.

The purpose of the Sage Hill amendment is to ensure development in this area supports the goals of Calgary’s Municipal Development Plan, which means accommodating a mix of residential, retail and commercial uses focused around a primary transit network.

A copy of the What We Heard Report from the open house is now available for you to review.

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Sage Hill Amendment location map

The applicants are looking at revising the concept within the “Transit Oriented Planning Area” of the Symons Valley Community Plan (see map below).

Currently, the plan area shows regional commercial and higher density residential development (site A) just south of Sage Valley Bv. N.W.

The applicants are proposing medium density residential development in that area instead and no regional commercial. This would take the form of 3-6 storey multi-residential forms and townhouse development.

Additionally, the applicants for “site D” are requesting we review a higher residential density on their site (it is currently capped at 350 units with bonusing for 500 units). They are contemplating up to 1,200 units. This would remain a mixed use site (commercial on the main floor, residential above).

Symons Valley Community Plan

Policy Amendments

Sage Hill Amendment (Symons Valley Community Plan)

Amendments being proposed for the Symons Valley Community Plan will  affect select areas of the Transit Oriented Planning Area, as shown in the following maps.

The proposed amendments address 3 main topics:

  • Changing Regional Commercial land uses to Pedestrian Oriented Multi-Residential land uses
  • Creating policies for Civic uses at the Bus Rapid Transit Site ​(previously called Employment Area
  • Adjustments to the Density Bonus policies.

Existing map

Symons Valley Community Plan

Proposed map

Symons Valley Community

"Regional Commercial" Land Use to change to "Pedestrian Oriented Multi-Residential" Land Use

Several mapping changes were made to reflect the proposed land use concept. The northerly Regional Commercial has been replaced with the "Pedestrian Oriented Multi-Residential Area".

Symons Valley Community

Policies for the Pedestrian Oriented Multi-Residential Area include provisions for:

  •  comprehensive urban design to create a sense of place
  •  a variety of building forms
  •  exploring approaches to provide for open space in this area
  •  ensuring a high degree of pedestrian connectivity, especially to the coulee and BRT hub
  •  encouraging sustainability features (solar panels, sustainable building practice, alternative energy solutions)
  •  enabling on-street parking
  •  encouraging smaller parcel sizes to increase walkability
  •  a neighbourhood scale commercial development.

"WHAT WE HEARD" – Citizen comments from February 22nd Open House:

  • Stakeholders emphasized the importance of pedestrian and cycle paths as well as connectivity to the various destinations and future destinations in this area.
  • Stakeholders expressed general support for the concept change from big box commerical (regional commercial) to multi-residential development that includes townhouse development and 3-6 storey multi-residential buildings.

Density bonus policy revisions

The proposed policy removes “Site A” and “Site D” from the bonusing policies in the Symons Valley Community Plan. This provides the opportunity to build more residential units on the identified sites without additional requirements to provide public amenities

This proposed policy change will allow more flexibility for the sites to provide transit supportive densities near the Civic Area and contribute to the intensities required by a Community Activity Centre according to the Municipal Development Plan.

To support the density bonus removal, policies have been added to:

  • ensure high quality urban design, and
  • direction to explore provision of open space within those development areas.

Other amenities will be provided by in the Civic Area through development of a public library and BRT hub, with future additional uses still to be determined.


Phase 1: Background and Analysis

Date Activity
Nov. 28, 2016 Notice of Motion to amend Symons Valley Community Plan
Dec 2016-Jan 2017 Research, collecting background information
Jan 2017 Mail out to surrounding neighbours

Phase 2: Creating the plan

Date Activity
Jan-Feb 2017 Background review and begin drafting policy
Feb. 22, 2017 Open house to review proposed changes​
May-June 2017 Final draft of plan amendment

Phase 3: Approvals

Date Activity
July 27, 2017 Technical review of plan amendment to Calgary Planning Commission
Sept. 11, 2017 Public Hearing of Council

Supporting Documents


Project Leads

Hugo Haley
Senior Planner, Community Planning

Coleen Auld
Planner, Community Planning