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Scarboro Land Use Redesignation (Rezoning) Application


In November of 2013, O2 Planning + Design has submitted an application to The City of Calgary to rezone the Chevra Kadisha site and adjacent lands identified on the map above.

The existing land use designation (zoning) allows for a variety of uses such as single detached dwellings, places of worship and addiction treatment facilities. 

The proposed land use redesignation (zoning) would allow for a new multi-residential development. 

The preliminary concept submitted by the applicant included a four-storey building along 17 Avenue S.W. and a 2-3 storey development along Scarboro Avenue S.W. The initial concepts can be reviewed in the original applicant’s submission.


THE APPLICANT HAS NOW REVISED their application so that the northern portion of the site adjacent to Scarboro Avenue SW is no longer being rezoned. It will remain under its current land use designation. The applicant's revised submission can be reviewed for details. A shortened version is available as well. 

The revised proposed land use redesignation (rezoning) application would provide for a set of rules for the site, including things like: maximum number of units or size of floor area and maximum building heights or building setbacks. This application does not constitute approval of a specific development on the subject lands. Subject to Council’s decision on this rezoning application, specific development details are reviewed through a Development Permit. 



The proposed land use designation would:

  • Put in place a direct control district, a custom zoning created specifically for the site (not yet drafted).  Proposed land use boundaries can be found under the “Supporting information and documents” section showing proposed land use boundaries. 
  • Increase the maximum allowable building height on the site from 10 metres to 16 metres.
  • Include a set of appropriate rules, yet to be determined, such as reduced building heights along certain edges of the property, etc.
  • Allow for a maximum of 2.0 floor area ratio (FAR).  This means that the total square footage of all floor areas within new buildings on the site can be up to 2.0 times the total square footage of the property.

The example below shows some ways a floor area ratio of 1.0 could be developed.

Scarboro FAR Study

Supporting information and documents

The planning process

  1. Circulation: Summarized copies of the proposal are provided to property owners whose property is directly beside the subject site, the local community association, the Ward Councillor, various City departments and other external agencies (such as utility companies) to gather their input. Additionally, an information sign (notice post) is placed on the site.

  2. Public engagement: Depending on the scale or complexity of a particular application
    an open house, information session or similar public engagement tool may be warranted to assist communities, applicants and City staff with review of the application. This approach may only apply to some applications. All applications are subject to standard engagement tools (circulation, advertising in the Calgary Herald and public hearing).  

    Note: As per the applicant’s submission, the applicant has mutually agreed upon a public engagement strategy with the Scarboro Community Association. Please see the applicant’s submission for additional information.
  3. City staff’s review and recommendation: The City reviews the proposal for its urban planning merits and compliance with City plans and policies, including (but not limited to) the Municipal Development Plan. Feedback generated by the circulation (step 1) of the application is also reviewed and considered by City staff. Revisions to the proposal may be required as a result. Recommendation of refusal or approval is rendered by City staff at the end of the review process.

  4. Calgary Planning Commission: City staff prepares a report for the Calgary Planning Commission where we make a recommendation on the proposal. The Calgary Planning Commission is a committee appointed annually by City Council to make recommendations to Council on a variety of planning matters. The Calgary Planning Commission can request changes or forward the report along with their recommendation to City Council.

  5. Council Public Hearing: Once the Calgary Planning Commission has made a recommendation to City Council, the proposal is advertised for a two-week period in the Calgary Herald, and then goes to City Council for the final decision. Council makes final decisions on all land use redesignation applications. Council is required to hold a public hearing where anyone can speak directly to them either in favour or against a proposal.

The entire process generally takes between nine and 12 months to complete.

How to get involved 

  1. Contact City staff: You can call or email the file manager directly (contact information below).
  2. Speak to your community association: If you live in the Scarboro community, you can provide your comments to your community association to help them with their response to the proposal.
  3. As other public involvement opportunities become available, such as letters to City Clerks, public hearing, etc., this webpage will be updated. Please check back regularly for these updates.

The City of Calgary contact information

Dino Civitarese
Senior Planner, Local Area Planning & Implementation 
Tel: 403-268-3695

For media enquiries please call 403-828-2954.​