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In 2011, The City of Calgary received an Outline Plan/Land Use Amendment Application to redesignate (rezone) lands located immediately to the east of the community of Crestmont. The lands on the TransCanada highway was redesignated from S-FUD and Undesignated Road R.O.W. to C-C2f2.0h40, S-Un, S-SPR and DC.  Submitted by SHAPE properties, the application accommodates a proposed comprehensive commercial and multi-residential development, as well as environmental reserve lands. 

The application would allow for the development of 56.5 hectares of undeveloped land into a mix of commercial, office and residential space, including approximately 1,000 multi-family homes (such as apartments, condominiums and townhouses), retail and commercial buildings, and office space. The developer anticipates the construction would take three years to complete. This Outline Plan/Land Use Amendment Application was approved by City Council in November 2014.

Shape Outline


Prior to the application, the property was undeveloped. An easement across Shape’s site currently provides access to the Crestmont Community. The developer is proposing a mixed use community that integrates with the natural topography and the west entranceway into Calgary.

The proposed Outline Plan identified a basic subdivision pattern and addresses infrastructure needs, financing agreements and development-related issues. It includes the location and size of roads, the distribution of open space, and location of various land use districts. Outline plans are considered at the same time as applications for a land use redesignation.

The proposal must follow the guidelines of other plans for the area. In this instance, the Municipal Development Plan provides high level policy guidance for the site’s development. There is also an amendment to the Calgary West Area Structure Plan required to facilitate the proposed development. The Calgary West ASP will provide more detailed policy direction for the site’s development.


Date Activity
June 18, 2014 Open House
July 31, 2014 Application presented to Calgary Planning Commission
September 8, 2014 Public hear at City Council

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Ben Ang
Planner, Community Planning