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South Macleod Centre Area Structure Plan


South Macleod Centre is located in the southeast quadrant of the city of Calgary, southeast of the intersection of 210 Avenue SE and Macleod Trail SE and between the communities of Walden and Legacy. This site falls under the South Macleod Centre Area Structure Plan (ASP) which envisions the site as the future “heart” of the Legacy and Walden communities; serving as the Town Centre.

The South Macleod Centre ASP involves two distinct areas:

  • a peripherally located Gateway Commercial area (Community / Regional scale) with extensive parking to draw traffic from a wide trade area; and
  • a locally scaled Core Commercial area that is characterized by a pedestrian oriented “traditional Main Street” that is framed by smaller format stores, which was envisioned as a cohesive grouping of retail / services integrated with complimentary uses such as a park, and/or potential for residential, office and hotel development.

The purpose of the proposed Direct Control (DC) district will be to provide for regional and local commercial uses that are laid out in a pedestrian orientated block based manner while accommodating opportunities for vertical mixed-use development and future density. The DC district is to be based on the Commercial – Regional 3 (C-R3) District with the addition of multi-residential development. The proposed requirements include increased maximum floor area ratios, a maximum building height of 40.0 metres (approximately 10 stories) and no minimum building setback area from the street.

The application also proposes rescinding and replacing the South Macleod Centre ASP which would be necessary to realize this revised development vision.




What is an ASP?

An ASP is a medium to long-range planning document for a new community. This document refines and implements The City’s broad planning objectives and policies of the Municipal Development Plan, the Calgary Transportation Plan, local area plans, and other plans and policies by promoting logical, compatible and sustainable development. It guides and directs the specific land use, subdivision and development decisions that collectively determine the form that the plan area will take. These development decisions include the provision of essential services and facilities, land uses, transportation systems, population, jobs and densities, and the sequence of development.

Local Area Plans provide policy for specific communities. They bridge the gap between overall City growth policy and the specific character and local character of each community.

What is an Outline Plan & Land Use Amendment?

Outline Plans and Land Use Amendments are detailed, developer-driven proposals that must conform to the requirements of the ASPs. The Subdivision and Development Permit stages are when development commences within these areas.


Any relevant past or future dates i.e. when the application was submitted, tentative timelines for CPC/Council, public engagement opportunities.

​Date ​Activity
​August 8, 2016 ​Application submitted to The City of Calgary
​May 25, 2017 ​Public information session
​July 27, 2017 ​Technical review by Calgary Planning Commission​
​September 11, 2017 ​Public Hearing of Council

Supporting documents


Stuart Gripton, B.A., M.A.(Pl), RPP Senior Planner, Community Planning
Planning and Development