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Springbank Hill Area Structure Plan


In 2013, City Council requested an update to existing local area plans that have significant remaining development or redevelopment capacity, in order to align with the Municipal Development Plan (MDP).

Currently, The City is working on developing a new Area Structure Plan (ASP) for the Springbank Hill area, identified in the East Springbank ASP. The intent of the project is to bring forward a new ASP, to be known as the Springbank Hill ASP. The new plan will retain existing policy direction for developed portions of the area and will provide new development guidance, only within the study area.

The map below outlines the “Plan Area Boundary” in red, which contains portions of developed lands. The new ASP policies will only apply to the “Springbank Hill ASP Study Area”, outlined in yellow. The policies outlined in the study area will focus on long term development guidance for approximately 189 acres of land, where remaining development or re-development opportunities exist.

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Springbank Hill Area Structure Plan Map


Development in the Springbank Hill ASP Study Area will support the goals of the Municipal Development Plan (MDP), which means accommodating an increase in density while also incorporating a mix of residential, retail and commercial uses with a focus on access to transit services. The City’s project team will update the policy framework within the identified study area and make the necessary revisions to the existing East Springbank ASP.

This project will respond to Council’s direction to prepare a new local area plan to be known as the Springbank Hill ASP. The new ASP will maximize potential development and/or redevelopment opportunities and capacity, offering solutions for landowners in the area. As well, this project combines the direction on future development within the study area into one document, instead of two.

This process is unlikely to affect properties in existing neighbourhoods, which have already been developed or approved for subdivision. Instead, the process will impact areas within the Springbank Hill ASP Study Area that currently do not have a Land Use Bylaw 1P2007 land use district or subdivision approved.


Date Activity
2013 Council directs City staff to initiate an ASP amendment for the East Springbank ASP.
2013 City led engagement with stakeholders to help refine the project boundaries for the Springbank Hill ASP.
2014-2015 Work begins on a Master Drainage Plan and Biophysical Inventory.
August 2016 The first draft of a developer-led Master Drainage Plan was submitted to Water Resources and is currently under review.
Fall 2016 Technical workshops are conducted with relevant stakeholders.
2017 The target timeline for​ completion of the Springbank Hill ASP. The timelines are based on the approval of supporting technical studies.

Technical reports

Get Involved

The City engaged with the public in a number of Open Houses and workshops in 2013. Additional engagement opportunities will be available at future stages of the project. The study area and site design concepts provided below are subject to change based on information being reviewed by The City. A new Land Use Concept map is expected to be completed upon review of technical information pertaining to servicing within the study area.​

  1. Springbank Hill ASP - Information Session
    City staff responded to landowner questions on the project and the new concept for the study area. These boards provided much of the information shared at the session.
  2. Neighbourhood Design Workshop (November 27, 2013)
    City staff and landowners south of Aspen Landing reviewed ideas generated through the June 19, 2013 open house. The concept was refined as a result.
  3. Springbank Hill Choices – Community Open House (June 19, 2013)
    An open house was hosted, where options were presented for future development, with an opportunity for public input. The material available at the open house included boards and an information handout. Stakeholders were encouraged to submit a questionnaire about the options presented. The responses have been complied here: Springbank Hill questionnaire responses.
  4. Neighbourhood Design Workshops (April 27 to May 7, 2013)
    City staff and landowners south of Aspen Landing brainstormed ideas to take to the wider community for consideration at the June 19, 2013 open house.
  5. Springbank Hill Discovery – Community Open House (March 27, 2013)
    Attends from across the community participated in an Open House, where they: (1) exchanged information and ideas about the plan area, and (2) confirmed which areas they were interested in exploring a new direction for. The open house boards were presented, along with two questionnaires. The first questionnaire asked (1) what’s going well, (2) what could be better and (3) what should guide decisions about change (see the questionnaire 1 responses). The second questionnaire was used to update the study area.

Supporting Documents


Fazeel Elahi
Project  Planner, Planning & Development