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West Campus Outline Plan and Land Use Amendment Application


Two new applications have been submitted on the West Campus lands: a land use redesignation application and a development permit application. Please see the 2016 Applications tab for details.


The City of Calgary has approved an Outline Plan/Land Use Amendment Application (LOC2013-0062) to redesignate (rezone) and subdivide lands referred to as “West Campus,” located immediately to the west of the University of Calgary's Main Campus, in northwest Calgary.

The application was by West Campus Development Trust, a trust created by the University of Calgary to oversee the development.
The developer has the intention of building a community that integrates and enhances the university experience while harmonizing with the surrounding communities and Calgary as a whole. The approval of this application will allow the developer to develop 75 hectares of undeveloped land into a mix of commercial and residential space, including approximately 6,100 multi-family homes (such as apartments, condominiums, townhouses and rowhouses), 1.5 million square feet of office space and 250,000 square feet of retail space. The developer anticipates the construction will take 15 to 20 years to complete.

The proposal consisted of two parts: a land use redesignation and an outline plan. 

2016 Applications

In January 2016, two new applications were submitted to The City of Calgary on the West Campus lands. These include:

  1. LOC2016-0018: A land use redesignation application to redesignate portions of the subject lands to Direct Control District in order to accommodate a temporary parking lot at-grade for the Foothills Hospital.
  2. DP2016-0352*: A Development Permit application to allow the construction of a Temporary use: A Parking Lot – Grade.
Additional details on the two files noted above can be obtained by contacting the City file manager, or referring to the applicant submission letter.
* A Decision will not be made on this Development Permit application until a Council decision has been issued on LOC2016-0018.
Future application: City Administration has also been in discussions with West Campus regarding an anticipated future application which proposes to redesignate a portion of the lands around the West Campus High Street and central park area, to accommodate some additional uses and reflect a change to the project area. More information on this application will be posted here once it has been submitted.


The estimated timeline for the project is as follows:
  • Calgary Planning Commission recommends approval of land use and outline plan application: July 31, 2014
  • City Council approves application: September 8, 2014
  • Calgary Administration approves development permit for stripping and grading of West Campus lands: May 12, 2015
  • City Council approves community name of University District for West Campus lands: July 2015
  • Public Hearing for proposed land use amendments (LOC2016-0018) for temporary parking: 2016 2nd quarter
  • Development Permit (DP2016-0352) Decision for Temporary parking: 2016 2nd quarter
  • Completion of detailed engineering: 2016 2nd quarter
  • Anticipated Phase 1 subdivision construction: 2016
  • Anticipated Phase 1 offsite construction: 2016
  • Anticipated development permits and building construction: 2016 3rd quarter
  • Anticipated first occupancy: 2017

Get Involved

West Campus Development Trust completed an extensive community engagement process prior to submitting its application to The City so that community members and stakeholders could have input into the future of the West Campus lands. An open house on January 14, 2016 detailed the proposal for temporary parking for Foothills Hospital and highlighted the anticipated land use changes along the High Street area. 

You can still provide your feedback in the following ways:
  1. Contact City Staff
    Rick Michalenko, Senior Planner
    Phone: 403-268-5759
  2. Contact your Councillor
  3. Attend a public hearing of Council
    Anyone wishing to address Council on this matter may do so for a period of five minutes. If you would like to distribute additional material at the meeting, please supply the City Clerk with 35 copies at the time of presentation. Additional material requires the approval of the Mayor before distribution to Members of Council. Please refer to this brochure for more information or contact the City Clerk at 403-268-5861 if you have further questions.

The planning process

When The City receives an application to create an outline plan and rezone a property, we generally follow this process:

  1. Summarized copies of the proposal are provided to property owners whose property is directly beside the site, the local community association, the Ward City Councillor, various City departments and other external agencies (such as utility companies) to gather their input.
  2. The City reviews the proposal for its urban planning merits and compliance with City plans and policies, including (but not limited to) the Municipal Development Plan.
  3. If the proposal is not consistent with the area structure plan, City staff undertake an amendment process to accommodate the application. After reviewing the application, City staff prepare a report for the Calgary Planning Commission (CPC) where we make a recommendation to support or refuse the proposal. The CPC is a committee appointed annually by City Council to make recommendations to Council on land use planning matters. The CPC can request changes or forward the report along with their recommendation to City Council. Once the CPC has made a recommendation to City Council, the proposal is advertised for a two week period and then goes to City Council for the final decision.
    Public Hearing of Council: a public hearing will be held by City Council before they make a decision on the proposal. You can speak directly to Council at the hearing, or submit written comments. You will have five minutes to speak, excluding any questions Council members may ask you. Comments should be brief and should address land use planning issues.
    Details about the date and time of the public hearing will be advertised in the Calgary Herald, mailed to property owners whose property is directly beside the site and posted here when they are available.

Supporting information and documents


Rick Michalenko, RPP, MCIP
Senior Planner, Local Area Planning & Implementation 
Tel: 403-268-5167
For media enquiries, please call 403-828-2954 or email