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West Memorial Sanitary Trunk Catchment Area

Planning, Development and Building limitations end in Calgary's northwest  

sewer manhole cover
In 2010 The City’s Water Services embarked on a study of Calgary’s northwest wastewater system to evaluate the impacts of growth to its infrastructure. The result of the two year study determined that the main sanitary sewer line was operating at capacity. To protect public safety, property and the environment The City released a criteria for how planning, development and building applications would be processed in impacted northwest communities and areas in 2013.
Effective immediately, the criteria is no longer required as upgrades to the wastewater system are several months ahead of schedule, and nearing completion.  All planning, development and building applications in Calgary’s northwest can now be accepted by The City.  For further information or application requirements, please contact our Planning Services Centre (403) 268-5311.

Wastewater upgrade information

For further information about upgrades and enhancements to the wastewater system in Calgary’s northwest, please visit the Bowness sanitary trunk page.