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West Springs Southeast Area Structure Plan Amendment


Please note: At this time, the project is on hold for further technical review and will not be proceeding to Calgary Planning Commission and Council.

In 2013, City Council requested an update to existing local area plans that have significant remaining development or redevelopment capacity, to align with the Municipal Development Plan (MDP). The City began working on an amendment to an area within the southeast part of the
West Springs Area Structure Plan​ (ASP).

The study area for the amendment is located in the southeast corner of the West Springs ASP area. The boundary roads are 9 Ave. S.W. to the north, Coach Ridge Road S.W. to the east, Bow Trail S.W. to the south, and 77 St. S.W. to the west.

The amendments to the West Springs ASP will ensure alignment with the MDP, which means accommodating a modest increase in density while also incorporating a mix of residential, retail and commercial uses with a focus on transit supportive uses. The proposed amendment would change the land use and transportation concept map for the study area.

This process is unlikely to affect properties in existing neighbourhoods that have already developed or have been approved for subdivision. Instead, the process will impact parcels in the project boundary that currently do not have land use or subdivision approved (see highlighted parcels on plan map).



Date Activity
2009 ​Council provides new direction on how the city will grow and move with the approval of the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP).
March 2014 West Springs ASP amendment information circulated to adjacent residents, community association and other stakeholders. Online survey is conducted to collect initial input.
December 2015 Concept plan for West Springs ASP is developed and reviewed.
Q1 2015 West Springs ASP amendments are drafted.
April/May 2016 Feedback gathered on draft amendments in-person and online.
On hold West Springs ASP presented to Calgary Planning Commission.
On hold West Springs ASP presented to Council.

Get Involved

​Information Session with stakeholders (April 27, 2017): The City hosted an Information Session to collect input on th​​​e proposed amendments to the West Springs ASP.

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Dino Civitarese
Senior Planner, Planning & Development