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Flood affected property - frequently asked questions

The City wants citizens to be safe where they live and work

Are you concerned about a flood affected property in your neighbourhood? Read below to find out the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions related to flood affected properties.

Who can I contact to assist me with the permit process and/or decisions about what to do with my property?

Contact 311 for help and let them know you have questions about permits for your flood affected property. You will be put in touch with City staff who can assist you.

What if I did work to repair/rebuild but didn’t pull any permits? Can I apply for permits now/get an inspection of this work?

The City wants citizens to be safe where they live and work. If you completed work without permits, you can still have an inspection of your work, once a permit is in place. Please call 311 for information on the necessary permits and inspection.

If a flood affected property in my community is unsightly or potentially unsafe, what can I do?

Even if a property is vacant, The City's Community Standards Bylaw requires the owner to perform routine maintenance around the property such as mowing the lawn, shovelling snow and keeping the property tidy and secure. Neighbours that have concerns about maintenance or safety of a property can call 311.

If I am feeling stress or difficulty coping with the impacts from the flood, where can I get help?

Anyone may call 211 to access community, health and social services 24 hours / 7 days a week. Calls are free of charge and information is available in over 150 languages. Information & Referral Specialists at 211 will connect you to available services in your community such as:

  • Housing and accommodation assistance
  • Financial aid
  • Assistance to access Government of Alberta programs
  • Emotional support services

What is The City doing to prevent future flooding?

Short and long-term mitigation efforts are underway to help protect against future flooding. Long-term measures being explored include projects such as upstream dams or reservoirs, diversion channels, among other methods. These are complex projects that require the cooperation and coordination of multiple agencies and levels of government, as well as completing environmental assessments, and securing funding. The public will be asked for their input on what solutions they would like to see for their community after a professional determines what is feasible for communities in terms of flood mitigation. The estimated timeframe for such projects is two to five years.

A variety of shorter-term mitigation efforts are underway or being examined. These include:
  • Flood barriers
  • Walls and berms
  • Riverbank stabilization and erosion protection
  • Bridge replacements and improvements
  • Groundwater cut-off structures
  • Gravel bar shaping
  • Storm drainage improvements
  • Sanitary lift station upgrades
  • Sewage treatment plant upgrades
  • River clean up and debris removal.
More information can be found at Flooding in Calgary.

Where can I call to get more information about Provincial Disaster Recovery Program (DRP) funding?

For details regarding the Disaster Recovery Program contact 310-4455 or visit the Government of Alberta at

The Alberta government is reviewing several major flood mitigation projects, including:

  • Springbank Road off-stream reservoir (Elbow River Basin)
  • McLean Creek Dry Dam (Elbow River Basin)
  • Calgary Underground Diversion Study
  • Highwood River Basin Diversion Project

The Alberta government has also provided funding for several areas related to flood mitigation, including:

  • $104 million to upgrade critical water management infrastructure
  • $216 million for erosion control projects across the province
  • $8.7 million to update flood hazard mapping

More information on Government of Alberta flood mitigation projects can be found at

I have heard the province plans to demolish the buy-out properties from the flood. What are the future plans for these lots?

The province has not yet communicated their full plans for the vacant lots. As far as we know, the current plan is to return these spaces to a landscaped or natural space. The City will ensure that these lots are kept to Community Standards Bylaws.

We’re here to help. Please contact 311 if you have any additional questions.