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Discover Historic Calgary

Discover Historic Calgary is a searchable database of historic resources included on the "Inventory of Evaluated Historic Resources". It includes information on their history, location and significance and includes contemporary and historic photographs.

Discover Historic Calgary is a work in progress. New listings and photographs are added regularly, so if you don't find what you're looking for today, come visit Discover Historic Calgary again!.

Some of the sites on the "Inventory" are designated as a Provincial or Registered Historic Resources under the Historical Resources Act or as a Municipal Historic Resources, approved by City Council bylaw. These properties are legally protected and subject to specific controls to ensure any alterations are in keeping with the heritage value of the resource.

Many of the sites listed on Discover Historic Calgary are publicly accessible; however, most places are privately owned. Listing on Discover Historic Calgary does not grant permission to enter. Please do not enter private property without permission.

Historic Resource Evaluation System

The Historic Resource Evaluation System aligns with the Calgary Heritage Strategy and provincial and federal government initiatives. According to Council-approved policy, a date of 25 years before the present date can be used to determine a site's eligibility for inclusion on The City of Calgary's Inventory of Evaluated Historic Resources.

Building or sites proposed for evaluation are pre-screened by the Calgary Heritage Authority and The City's Heritage Planner to determine the suitability of a proposed evaluation. The Authority determines the suitability of any proposed evaluation and prioritizes the schedule of evaluations based on its Council-approved budget and recommendations from the Land Use Planning & Policy Business Unit.

The evaluation system involves three tasks:

  • Researching and analysing the resource;
  • Understanding its history and context; and
  • Identifying and evaluating its value and significance
    Historic Resources on the inventory will be either:

City-Wide Historic Resource - any resource that is identified as significant for the whole of Calgary Community Historic Resource - any resource that is identified as significant for the whole of a particular neighbourhood or community

The current evaluation system is based on nine criteria of significance: activity, event, institution, person/people, style, design, construction, landmark and symbolic value and six criteria of integrity: location, design, environment, material, workmanship and association. (See Evaluation Criteria)

This system came into effect in June of 2008. The resources on the inventory that were evaluated before June 2008, retain their categories (A, B, or C) from the previous evaluation system. (See Evaluation Criteria

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