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Heritage Conservation Incentives

There are a few incentives offered to owners of properties listed on the City’s Inventory of Evaluated Historic Resources in order to encourage property owners to restore and preserve historic buildings and sites. These incentives are usually given in exchange for property owners legally protecting their property so that it will be conserved for future Calgarians.

Available Incentives

If you own a property that is on our inventory and you are interested in designating it as a Municipal Historic Resource (or if you already have done this), then some of these incentives might help compensate you for the costs of restoring and maintaining your historic resource.
  • Downtown District Heritage Incentives
    The City has two incentives to encourage the conservation of historic buildings and sites in the Downtown core. These incentives make it possible for land owners to increase the maximum density allowed on a site.
  • Beltline Density Transfer and Bonus Provisions
    All properties in the Beltline that are on the City’s inventory are eligible to transfer unused development potential to other sites within the same land use district or area. This is made possible through policies in the Beltline Area Redevelopment Plan. For details consult the Land Use Bylaw, Part 2.
  • Conversion of Existing Residential Buildings to Commercial Use
    A number of area redevelopment plans in the inner city have policies that allow the conversion of residential buildings to commercial use if the structure is legally protected or listed on the City’s inventory.
  • Alberta Historical Resources Foundation
    The Alberta Historical Resources Foundation has grant programs to assist owners of properties that are legally protected with the restoration and maintenance. These programs are not operated by The City, so if you are interested in a grant you will need to contact them directly.
The City’s current incentives are based on a background study done in 2010 to learn about the best practices in other cities.


For more information on The City of Calgary Heritage initiatives please contact:

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