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Heritage Density Transfer Incentive

The Heritage Density Transfer Incentive is a way for owners of evaluated historic resources to transfer unused density that is currently allowed on their historic property to other sites in the Downtown, in exchange for legally protecting their historic building or site. The density can either be transferred to a property owned by the same land owner, or can be transferred to another land owner in the Downtown.
It is one of two Downtown District Heritage Incentives. The goal is to encourage land owners that are redeveloping heritage properties to preserve the buildings and features that have played a significant role in Calgary’s history.

How it works

In order to qualify for this incentive, the following requirements must be met:
  • The historic property must be listed on The City’s Inventory of Evaluated Historic Resources.
  • Both properties involved in the transfer must be designated (zoned) as a CR20-C20/R20 District.
  • The owner of the historic property must be willing to legally protect the historic building or feature by consenting to a Municipal Historic Resource Designation.
  • The historic building or feature must be left in its approved location on the historic property.
  • An agreement must be made between the two land owners to transfer the density.
All properties have a maximum density under the Land Use Bylaw and typically historic resources are considerably smaller than what would be allowed if a new building were built today on the same property. This incentive allows the land owner to transfer the difference between the property’s existing density and the property’s maximum allowed density to another property in the Downtown.

How to apply

If you do not own a historic resource but would like to explore transferring density from a historic property to a site you are redeveloping, you will need to negotiate a transfer directly with the owner of an eligible historic property. The City does not participate in these negotiations and any agreement that is reached is considered a private matter.
Once an agreement is reached, the owner of the site that is receiving the additional density applies for the transfer at the time that they submit a development permit application. City staff then confirm the transfer with the owner of the historic property and process the development permit.
In order to transfer the density, both properties will need to be redesignated (rezoned) to a Direct Control District and the final decision on this redesignation is made by the City Council.
For more detailed information on this process, please check back for our information for applicants (coming soon).


For more detailed information on this process, or to find out about eligible historic properties please contact:

Clint Robertson
Senior Heritage Planner
Planning, Development & Assessment
Tel: 403.268.1859