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Main Streets

Planning the future of Calgary's thriving main streets.

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nextCity Main Streets

    Current Engagement Opportunities

    33/34 Avenues S.W. Streetscape Master Plan

    The City is developing a Streetscape Master Plan for 33 and 34 Avenues S.W., as part of the Main Streets initiative’s investment phase. A streetscape includes all visual and functional elements of a street that collectively form its character. Some areas we are exploring include:

    • Sidewalk features (eg. street trees, patios, street furniture)
    • Crosswalks and street corner configurations
    • Laneway and park connectivity
    • Street lighting
    • Pedestrian safety features

    We are producing a detailed plan that provides a blueprint to rebuild 33 and 34 Avenues S.W. in a way that meets the needs of current and future residents, visitors and business owners.

    This is a collaborative process. We want to work with the community to discover what makes the Marda Loop area unique and what opportunities exist for improvement.

    Past Engagement

    Representing one of the largest local planning public engagement efforts initiated by The City, more than 3600 Calgarians collectively volunteered 1633 hours of their time to share concerns, suggestions and future visions for main street neighbourhoods.​

    Experts from departments across The City worked together to review and consider local input to identify opportunities for improvement or alignment with existing City programs and services.

    Get Involved Roadmap

    Input, decision and outcome roadmap

    The City’s Main Streets’ team also consulted economic research experts and industry partners to understand the market demand, opportunities and challenges in main street areas.

    City planners then used this information, along with local input, to evaluate policy and planning options and build a strategy for the success of Calgary’s main streets.

    What We've Learned

    View the full report of what we've learned

    Engagement su​mmary

    Between November 2014 and October 2016, people from across Calgary provided thousands of comments and input at more than 115 public input opportunities (online and in person) about their hopes and concerns for their main street neighbourhoods.

    Listening a​​nd learning 

    Representing the largest local planning public engagement effort since imagineCalgary​, the Main Streets initiative started with 100 public input opportunities across 20 main street neighbourhoods (including in person and online activities). This included more than 1300 hours of discussion with Calgarians about these main streets areas.

    Main street users provided their input at workshops, through an online mapping activity, online surveys, and at information sessions.

    Through the input shared by Calgarians, City staff learned what’s working or needs improvement for each of Calgary’s main streets.

    Main Streets engagement summary

    View the full engagement activity summary

    Discus​​sing options and reviewing solutions

    All of the public input and discussion with experts throughout the project included one common concept; focus the effort of the Main Streets initiative work on a few key or strategic streets in the short term to maximize chances of success. By analysing local input, economic information and infrastructure investments, the Main Streets team indentified which main streets are good candidates for development and growth in the near future.  Once that success has been tested, it will then be applied to main streets across Calgary as the timing for growth makes sense based on the unique needs of each street.

    Based on all the information gathered, a series of proposed solutions have been created which would enable growth in main street areas that have been identified as ready for development. Additional input was collected from main street users and residents in these areas to ensure the planning solutions were right for each neighbourhood. ​

    Each of the main streets above had three additional public input opportunities to review and discuss planning concepts informed by previous public input sessions. Main street users and residents shared input on the tools and techniques that will be used to prepare Calgary’s main street areas for growth and change.

    These Calgarians shared input related to:

    • Development types transitioning from main street to surrounding streets
    • Land use requirements for retail development.
    • Considered factors when planning future large redevelopment sites

    Photo Gallery - Demo

    Evaluation and analysis

    By analysing local input and economic information, the Main Streets continues to evaluate what policy; land use or other planning options will benefit Calgary’s main streets.

    Check out what we’ve heard from Calgarians about their main streets

    Strategy Inputs